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It was clearly just a meeting and discussion. He had only shown that he was considering accepting Listen and the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s allegiance.

However, Listen showed his full sincerity and excluded the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s chaos and instability.

After that, he showed him the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s best situation that Listen could come up with.

Rather than saying Listen was fighting for a chance of allegiance for himself, it was better to say that he was being responsible for the decision Lin Yuan would make.

After Listen finished expressing his intentions, he was a little nervous.

He heard the youth’s cheerful and magnetic voice at the other end of the phone.


When he heard this word, the nervous Listen immediately revealed a smile.

Then, he decided to cut the Gordian knot and make a ruthless change in the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s chaotic situation as soon as possible.

After experiencing the previous incident, he understood a principle. Any unstable factors would be a fatal variable in a life-and-death situation. Even if it was favorable, that might turn out to be the most vicious stab to the core in a life-and-death situation.

After Lin Yuan hung up the phone and went to take a shower, he felt that it was time to adjust his working and resting timing.

All the things in the mansion were proceeding in an orderly manner in these two days.

Wen Yu was refining the information on the major veteran factions. Information resources were often equal to a faction’s eyes and ears.

Lin Yuan’s private faction had gotten almost all the information from Wen Yu, and the source of information came from the Radiant Moon Palace. This ensured the absolute accuracy of the information about the major factions.

The Radiant Moon Palace was like a manual regarding the major factions’ information, regardless of whether they were rising factions or veteran factions.

But under Wen Yu’s organization, all this information was organized into the best suitable way for Lin Yuan’s private faction.

Lin Yuan had to go to the Radiant Moon Palace nearly every day for the past two days. He went there to have a round of question-and-answer session with his master, the Moon Empress.

During the knowledge quiz with the Moon Empress previously, Lin Yuan would mainly be asking while she would be answering.

But during this period, Lin Yuan had not gone out for training. He had spent most of the time in the Spirit Lock spatial zone to enhance feys. Therefore, Lin Yuan had not really had a lot of questions to ask the Moon Empress.

The two days of question-and-answer session had become roughly the Moon Empress asking, while Lin Yuan would be pondering.

When the Moon Empress answered, Lin Yuan would mentally note down her answer. Then, based on the questions the Moon Empress had asked before, he would think about them.

Lin Yuan asked again,

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