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Chapter 358: This Auntie?

Lin Yuan did not expect that when he was being matched with Celestial 5-Stars opponents, the person he was matched with would be someone he knew. She was Poison Beauty, who he had met during the Celestial Stairway promotion duels previously.

Although most of the spirit qi professional on the Celestial Stairway had now joined the guild clubs and become a member of the main teams or reserve teams, it was now the start of the S Tournament.

These Celestial Stairway experts that joined the guild clubs would usually put their energy into the competition and group training.

There were definitely many on the Celestial Stairway that had yet to join a guild club, and Lin Yuan had surprisingly been matched with Poison Beauty.

It could be said that they were fated.

After Lin Yuan was matched with Poison Beauty, he raised his eyebrows lightly behind the mask and did not have any more reactions.

As long as Lin Yuan was wearing his silver mask, nobody could see the expression on his face, even if he had any.

After matching with an opponent, Poison Beauty did not immediately check her opponent’s information.

Instead, she said to the air, “Your Beauty is on an infinite rampage.

“Those brothers in the live-streaming room, after I’ve started climbing the Celestial Stairway, no longer stuck at the promotion duels, you guys have not been rewarding as much as before.

“Hurry. Everyone, reward me a superpower pill now. I’ll pick a person among those who do so for a prize, which is being banned from speaking for a month.”

The viewers within Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room interacted with her, even if she could not see it in the Celestial Stairway duel.

Who Is Smaller In the Family: “Don’t say anything. I support you, Poison Beauty, but I’ll certainly reward the superpower pill next time.”

Jealous Me: “I’ll reward you with a big mouth. Climb it.”

Low-Key Pageboy: “To be truthful, the Star Web live-streamers I follow are of low quality.”

Heart Born Myriad Phase: “I came to Little Poison’s live-streaming room for a meal.”

Blood-Red Tango: “Have you guys paid attention to who is on the opposite side? This will be a massacre.”

Green Light From Both Eyes: “F*ck! Poison Beauty has actually met Black! Black, go for it! I’ll cheer for you!”

After Poison Beauty’s infinite rampant words to the live-streaming room, she looked at the opponent she had matched with and said, “Ouch, ouch, ouch.”

Poison Beauty said that in a very strange tone—it contained a lot of untold stories. It was just like a desperate girl, who a scoundrel had been chasing for 30 meters, came to the small river and was ready to jump to her death.

But at that moment, it was like she realized the scoundrel had disappeared and realized there was an infinite amount of gold coins in that river. She was 10% scared, 20% gnashing her teeth, 30% excited, and 40% impatient.

Poison Beauty looked at Lin Yua

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