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Chapter 361: This Youth Is Supposed to Be a Miracle!

This time, Poison Beauty looked at the perfect formation she had pulled off and had the idea of defeating Black again.

If she could defeat Black, she believed that her popularity would definitely increase much more than simply matching with Black.

With more and more people in Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room, comments flooded the screen and basically blocked the image of the battle. This made the viewers that just wanted to watch the duel turn off the comments and wait peacefully to watch the silver-masked youth’s duel.

As for the viewers fooling around in the comment section, they thought that after the duel was over, there would be a video to watch on the Star Web video library. Thus, they were not in a rush.

After all, they were Black’s mother fans. For the male mother fans, Black’s duel video was meant to be watched hundreds of times. Five minutes might seem very short, but time passed in the blink of an eye.

As Lin Yuan had been channeling spiritual power into the Gold I/Fantasy I Source Sand during these five minutes, the area below the Celestial Stairway dueling ground was almost filled with the Source Sand’s sand particles.

When Poison Beauty launched her attack, the Silver X/Elite Carrion Parasol Mushroom released huge amounts of the fungus that could decompose the flesh into the air.

The Gold VII/Flawless Poison-Weaving Dark Spider secretly used its Mist Transformation Spider Web and let the mist-like spider web disintegrate into the air as it used Web Attachment. The Mist Transformation Spider Web dispersed in the air, and coupled with the floating fungi, they created highly toxic spider webs, advancing toward Lin Yuan’s side.

Poison Beauty’s intention was very simple. While ensuring her safety, she wanted the Poisonous Spider Web to constantly reduce Lin Yuan’s chances of survival.

She would use the toxins to slowly erode away all life on the dueling ground and drag it out in a battle of attrition to win this duel. The moment Poison Beauty launched a frenzied attack, she and the viewers in her live-streaming room saw that the silver-masked youth was not the least bit panicked.

With a light wave of his hand, the entire Celestial Stairway dueling ground, except for the ground under his feet, turned into a sea of churning sand instantly.

The Source Sand was madly devouring any object that touched the sea of sand, wanting to sink everything that existed on it into the sea of sand. Then, it would be crushed by the heavy pressure of the sea of sand.

At that moment, Poison Beauty, who was on the Tainted Toad’s back, could completely feel its helplessness in the sea of sand.

She could not stop its tendency of sinking into the sea of sand because when it stepped into the churning sand, and she commanded it to jump onto the Gold VII/Flawless Poison-Weaving Dark Spider’s spider webs, it could no longer do so.

Poison Beauty felt

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