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Chapter 360: All Good

Poison Beauty did not feel good now. She had racked her brain to make up a script within just a few minutes just now and completely thought about what she was going to do—how she was going to speak later, add drama to herself, make the acting better, and also make her own self-directed script reach the climax.

However, Poison Beauty had never expected that Black would speak, which was not the same as in her own script.

Isn’t Black aloof?

Isn’t he not good with words?

Why did he talk?

Poison Beauty, who was plotting a script in her heart, did not respond for a very long time after hearing Black’s question.

She could not help but be a little nervous and asked, “What’s the antonym of partial death?”

She only heard the youth’s cold voice again.

“All alive!”

But after that, Poison Beauty’s violent temper instantly rushed forth.

Have I been mocked?

She only felt her teeth tighten and needed a good bite to be able to relieve it.

Poison Beauty, who had been a Star Web host for very long, could completely think of the viewers’ responses in her live-streaming room.

Although she, an experienced actress, felt that she had been insulted, she also knew that such a situation was beneficial to her live-streaming room. It could completely bring about a huge wave of popularity.

The popularity from the last duel with Black had mostly disappeared in the past nearly two months. Encountering Black again now would undoubtedly bring another wave of popularity to her live-streaming room, and she might even have the foreshadow of her previous popularity.

This time, Black would also bring an even bigger boost of popularity to her. Poison Beauty was thinking if she did not have the quality of an actress, she would probably have trembled from joy. This was because she knew that encountering Black again was completely different from the other time.

When I was matched with Black the last time, it was only in the Celestial Stairway promotion duel, so it was not stored in the Celestial Stairway video library.

But now, this duel will undoubtedly be stored there.

Given Black’s popularity, if his male mother fans get this video to the top 10 most popular of the Star Web video library, won’t it be the same as me entering the top ten as well?

Whether I win or lose, I will have this chance just because I’m matched with Black.

Lin Yuan was standing there, commanding the Gold I/Fantasy I Source Sand to create sand, when Poison Beauty said, “Black! Last time, it was because I didn’t dodge your fatal blow. I won’t be so careless this time.

“Why don’t we start five minutes later? If you’re an expert, wait until I’m ready before we face off.”

Upon hearing Poison Beauty’s words, Lin Yuan only felt that she was crazy! Star Web duels were not a child’s play. It might seem easy between losing and winning, but it was actually the result of deliberate planning.

It was just like

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