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Chapter 417: Lin Yuan Is Embarrassed

Lin Yuan frowned as he looked at the reply.

Freezing Cold: “10 o’clock is fine. I’ll be there. I need to see the Bronze/Epic lizard feys in this meeting. I also have some conditions that I need to state in advance.”

When Lin Yuan had sent the trade message, Freezing Cold was the king-class expert with two main feys among the two king-class experts.

Freezing Cold had three Willpower Runes and two main feys, and it was considered a good allocation among the king-class experts. Therefore, Lin Yuan had enhanced a Bronze/Epic lizard fey when he had asked him whether he had one.

From the personal information that Freezing Cold had sent over, his two contracted feys were a Diamond III/Fantasy II Bucktooth Terror Skink and a Diamond I/Fantasy II Swordtooth Lizard Dragon.

In terms of strength, Freezing Cold was inferior to Fei Qianqiong. Still, his Diamond I/Fantasy II Swordtooth Lizard Dragon had completed the transformation from a lizard bloodline to a dragon bloodline and had a lot of potential.

Lin Yuan, who showed an interest in Freezing Cold’s potential, didn’t have any available king-class experts under him, so he had met Freezing Cold’s conditions in advance. Otherwise, given Freezing Cold’s strength, he wasn’t really qualified to propose such conditions.

It was just like how the pinnacle king-class experts’ squad that Lightning Sparrow King was in needed to gather resources and had spent a small amount of effort for a Bronze/Epic fey.

As the saying went, “One should have respect for the wise.”

Since Lin Yuan was ready to implement the ‘white-clothed followers’ plan, he wouldn’t be stingy with resources for the capable. However, this plan was not easy to implement. The premise was that he needed absolute control.

Lin Yuan had already drawn a question mark in his heart about this king-class expert named Freezing Cold.

The white-clothed follower plan was to form the Sky City and sweep the swords in all directions. What all sharp weapons, like a sword, needed to do was to be obedient. Otherwise, no matter how sharp it was, it would hurt him.

However, Lin Yuan didn’t directly exclude Freezing Cold as he intended to meet him before making a decision.

It was still early now. Since Lin Yuan had nothing to do, he went to his store’s fan club, ready to look through the chat records.

After flipping through, he found that a night had passed.

The members were still enthusiastically discussing the 30 Flower Brocade Pearls that were auctioned as welfare. Thus, every member’s bid would be seen by all the group members.

Every time someone bid with new prices, they would be praised by the others in the groups and be called ‘Big Brothers’.

Over time, other members would increase the bid again, together with the uproar from the braised egg head, the violent-tempered woman, the violent-tempered woman’s daughter, the Buddha-tempered person, and Zhou Jiaxin.

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