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Chapter 408: The Admin Has Actually Become Active Again!

In the study on the second floor of the Return from Faraway mansion, a huge wooden shelf was placed on each of the two walls. A pile of information about each faction was placed in each of the small compartments on the shelf.

Wen Yu had only organized a small part of the information about the veteran factions during this period, and this small part of the information filled half of the shelf.

Obviously, if the information on these large and small factions were completely organized, these two sides of the shelf would not be enough in any case.

“Young Master, one of the three direct descendants of the Zheng family is a Radiance Hundred Sequence member and has been busy with the S Tournament for over a month.

“This direct descendant of the Zheng family has established a guild club of his own and is seeking to qualify as a B-level guild club this year. According to the tight schedule of the S Tournament, he shouldn’t have the time to arrange for the Iron Wall Chamber of Commerce to deal with the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

“One of the other two descendants was born with a serious illness that caused both legs to be severely atrophied and is unable to walk. Thus, he has been recuperating in Indigo Azure City.

“The third direct descendant is a Creation Master that the Zheng family had poured in a lot of resources to nurture. I’m sure the Zheng family wouldn’t let a Creation Master who is being nurtured waste time on something as trivial as the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.”

Lin Yuan didn’t expect that he had only come to ask Wen Yu’s opinion about the Zheng family’s situation, but she had actually grasped such detailed information about the Zheng family without leaving anything out.

Lin Yuan had some doubts whether Genius was living in her head.

At that moment, Wen Yu suddenly thought of something and said, “The Zheng family’s third lineage bought Indigo Azure City’s offshore coastal resources five years ago.

“They’ve occupied more and more of the offshore coast over the years but have not begun to work on the development of these offshore coastal resources.

“If the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce has an offshore coastal resource in Indigo Azure City, it should have blocked the way of the Zheng family’s third lineage.”

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the difference between the Zheng family and its third lineage?”

Wen Yu explained, “The Zheng family is thriving, and the main family is the direct descendants. There are four lineages under the main family, each of which is a collateral branch of the main family.

“The main family will selectively inject resources into the four lineages based on their development. In a sense, the main family is considered the real Zheng family.

“In terms of identity, although the main family’s direct descendants and the four lineages’ descendants born from mistresses are all

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