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Chapter 415: People Respect Themselves

The moment this gentle voice sounded, the pink-purple petals tore this dark domain to pieces, just like the dawn that banished the darkness.

Then Elder Niu found that these pink-colored petals combined with each other, confining him, his contracted Dark-Eyed Scorpion Tiger, and the Dark Spirit Eye Tadpole just like a shackle.

Under the confinement of this petal, he couldn’t move his body or channel the spirit qi in his body. He had no resistance, just like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

The unusually gentle voice that appeared out of nowhere had a calm tone, but the words that came out seemed to be mocking.

“Compared to the spiritual power confinement you just proudly used, how do you find this tactic of mine?”

A beautiful figure appeared at Listen’s side. It raised its hands, lightly shaking the bracelet on its wrist.

This bracelet also contained a lot of pink-purple embroidered ball-shaped flowers and produced a crisp colliding sound while being shaken.

The pink-purple embroidered ball-shaped flower rotating in the air flew toward the woman’s wrist and shrank as if it had found its home.

It transformed into a pink-purple embroidered ball-shaped flower pendant that was the same as the other pendants.

Elder Niu couldn’t help but exclaim with indescribable shock in his voice, “Fey Weaponization! You’re actually at Myth III!”

Endless Summer ignored his exclamation and snapped its fingers before gently shouting, “The law of enlightenment, the probing of willpower.”

As soon as Endless Summer said that, Elder Niu felt a kind of pain, like being pierced by a spike in his spiritual spatial zone. After this pang of pain, it returned to normal. Elder Niu found that there were no abnormalities in his body.

At that moment, Endless Summer furrowed its eyebrows and said, “I heard you talking so much about dogs, but it turns out you’re just a servant. How ironic!”

Elder Niu’s face turned red, but before he could speak, Endless Summer added, “People value themselves, and all living things can be called humans. If you regard others as dogs, then you’re truly a dog.

“Since you’ve sworn by the Willpower Rune, there’s really no use of keeping you!”

Elder Niu had never thought the news that Listen had put out about the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce having a backer was true. Its backer was definitely not weak.

Otherwise, given his pinnacle king-class strength, he would not have ended up in a hopeless situation, unable to complete Young Master Zheng’s task.

Elder Niu hurriedly said, “I swore allegiance with the Willpower Rune to the family head of the Zheng family’s third lineage, the—”

Before he could finish his words, Endless Summer snapped its fingers again.

“What I hate the most are dark-type feys. Such feys deserve to die! Especially this black tiger that likes to take out hearts to eat!

“The law of enlightenment, the mind is calm

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