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Chapter 410: Heavenly-Maiden-Grade Pearl

After the hunched old man heard the words of the youth with sinister eyebrows, he immediately replied, “Young Master, I’ll get it done immediately.”

Elder Niu thought for a while and tapped the ground a few times with his walking stick before turning to say, “Young Master, I heard that the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s owner is extraordinarily talented.

“I wonder if you would like to take Listen under your command, Young Master. If you’re willing to reveal your identity to Listen, as long as he is not stupid and knows about the current situation, he certainly won’t refuse your recruitment.”

The youth with sinister eyebrows was admiring the boundless night outside the window at this moment.

Upon hearing Elder Niu’s words, he didn’t even turn his head. He raised his hand and replied, “This matter involves the plans of our third lineage. Even if Listen has extraordinary talents, it’s not worthwhile for me to reveal my identity.

“Moreover, he’s nothing more than a powerless person with an empty frame and is stubbornly resisting.”

Elder Niu stopped talking after hearing the youth’s words and exited the room. He summoned a black shadow with a wave of his hand and then disappeared into the night together with it.

The youth with sinister eyebrows had joy in his eyes, clearly in a good mood. He mumbled, “I wonder what price Father paid to get the support of the main family’s Second Young Master. With a connection to Second Young Master, the offshore coastal resources that our third lineage developed can finally be called proper!”

The night was coming to an end in Ascending Dragon City. At the entrance of Ascending Dragon City’s Creation Master Association, a woman wearing a Class 4 Creation Master’s retainer crest said rudely, “My teacher said that if you want to evolve your Iron Bone Iguana’s bloodline, you can’t succeed just by relying on those spiritual materials you brought to induce its dragon-species bloodline. At the very least, you’ll need a Gold Dragon’s Mouth Orchid flower.”

There was an evident trace of disappointment on the face of the man standing opposite to the woman.

But immediately afterward, his expression returned to normal, and he answered, “Thank you, Master Duan Li, for being willing to help nurture my Iron Bone Iguana. When I can find a Gold Dragon’s Mouth Orchid flower, I’ll come back to ask you to help enhance my fey.”

The woman with the Class 4 Creation Master’s retainer crest then said, “My teacher took your payment before and didn’t enhance your Iron Bone Iguana’s bloodline due to your lack of preparation of spiritual materials.

“So the next time you come to find him, you only need to prepare half of the payment as last time.”

A bitter smile appeared on the man’s face, and he thought,Although I have outstanding talents and an affinity toward lizard feys, I only have one main fey, a defense-type lizard fey, the Iron

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