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Chapter 411: Do It Well

The woman wearing the Class 4 Creation Master’s retainer crest didn’t care about the bitterness on the man’s face. She just continued to say what she felt should be said.

“It’ll only be a waste of spiritual materials to continue nurturing this Iron Bone Iguana, and this would be a waste of your potential. You might as well pour the resources from nurturing this Iron Bone Iguana into your other feys.”

The man’s expression became even more bitter. He only had one main fey, the Iron Bone Iguana.

Although he had comprehended three Willpower Runes, with one of them fused with the Iron Bone Iguana to allow it to become a Fantasy Breed, the other two Willpower Runes were flying around the spiritual energy in his spiritual spatial zone.

Even if he nurtured the other feys instead of the Iron Bone Iguana, he could only contract a Bronze/Flawless fey at most since the resources he could get were limited.

How many years would he need to accumulate the resources needed to raise the Bronze/Flawless fey to Legend?

The man thanked the woman wearing the Class 4 Creation Master’s retainer crest seriously and walked firmly in the night.

This world had always been a one where it was hard for successful people to come from poor families.

The children of rich families had an advantage over the children of poor families right from the first fey they contracted at a young age. It was just like a gap in the sky.

Even if the children of poor families were fortunate enough to become king-class experts, they would have to pay an unknown amount of blood and tears as compared to those born in rich families. A king-class expert born from a poor family would always be at the bottom.

Zhou Luo had long seen through this word. Despite being desperate earlier, he was very calm now.

The children of poor families always needed to face troubles and despair on the road of growing up and step over all the hurdles one by one.

Despite enjoying life through sorrow and adversity, he actually wanted to change his fate. Zhou Luo felt he was a hero along his journey.

In his opinion, there was only one kind of heroism in the world—recognizing the truth about life and still loving it.

Zhou Luo had planned to go to the Guild Alliance to see if there were any suitable missions for him. Suddenly, he recalled the application he had submitted when he saw the trade message of the small store he followed on Star Web before.

Listen was in his room, thinking about how to help the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce develop with the 270 pieces of objects mixed with completely jade-textured wood powder every day while recording the bids of the members for the 30 Flower Brocade Pearls in the Purchase With No Loss store.

Although Listen had known that most of these people were bigshots, their offers still alarmed him.

He couldn’t help but sigh,These bigshots are really too rich!

At the same time, he c

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