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Chapter 416: I Want 50%!

The sea surrounded indigo Azure City on three sides, and it just so happened that the wind had picked up on this day. The waves rolled against the reefs on the shore, creating the sounds of raging waves.

People who lived on the shore tend to be accustomed to this sound. When they slept with this sound, they slept more soundly.

There was a luxuriously decorated mansion in the middle of Indigo Azure City.

A middle-aged man with a sinister look in his eyes said enthusiastically, “Second Young Master, are my chess pieces carved from jade-textured ebony and jade-textured white sandalwood to your liking?

“If they are, I’ll have someone send these Othello pieces to you when you go back.”

This so-called Second Young Master was a slim youth in a Creation Master long robe. He was standing there, counting the rows of books on the shelves with his fingers.

Upon hearing the words of the middle-aged man with sinister eyes, he said with a wave of his hand without looking back, “I never put jade-textured Othello chess pieces in my study. I only put completely jade-textured ones.

“Speaking of completely jade-textured Othello pieces, I do have two pots there.

“Third Uncle, if you like them, I’ll have someone send one pot over so that you can widen your horizons.”

The words of this youth wearing a Creation Master long robe caused the enthusiastic smile on the face of the sinister-eyed middle-aged man to pause and look embarrassed.

Just as he wanted to speak, Second Young Master said, “Third Uncle, your third lineage has always been afraid to make a move on the offshore coast resources, afraid of being targeted by the Qiu family and the Wei family, as well as the other lineages secretly causing trouble.

“I, Zheng Kaiyuan, am lending my support to you in the main family, yet you didn’t mention the percentage of the offshore coastal resources you want to share with me.

“Aren’t you not taking me, Zheng Kaiyuan, seriously with only a pot of jade-textured Othello pieces as your token of sincerity?”

The sinister-eyed middle-aged man had an even more embarrassed look on his face. He hurriedly replied, “Second Young Master is willing to support the third lineage, so how can we forget about giving you resources?

“What does Second Young Master think about the third lineage giving you 30% of proceeds from developing the offshore coastal resources?”

Zheng Kaiyuan summoned a small sable with one black and one white tail with a wave of his hand.

When it was summoned, it saw the pot of Othello pieces made of jade-textured ebony and white sandalwood. It immediately became nimble and looked at its master with its watery eyes.

As Zheng Kaiyuan looked at his contracted little sable, a touch of tenderness appeared on his face.

“Go on, Sen Luo. Eat more.”

With its master’s consent, the little sable with one black and one white tail scurried straight into the pot containing the Oth

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