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Chapter 394: Divine Wood, Iron Hammer, Great Lush

Lin Yuan felt the Moon Empress’ hand rubbing on his head. Her warm and slender fingers were helping him to tidy up his fringe that the wind had blown before entering the inner palace.

He couldn’t help but recall that his mother would always help him tidy up his fringe like this when he was young.

His hair was extremely soft for some reason. When the wind blew a little, the hair in front of his forehead would become messy.

However, he would not look blowsy even if his fringe was blown messy by the wind. Instead, there was an unruly handsomeness, and it would make him appear to be a few years younger.

As a transmigrator, Lin Yuan already had an adult soul from birth in this lifetime, with more than 20 years of memories of his previous life. The bits and pieces of his early childhood were the most precious memories sealed in his heart.

Lin Yuan had been bearing the burden of everything alone since the death of his parents, and no one had ever helped to tidy up his hair. However, it was once again ruffled again by someone. He only felt his eyes heat up a little.

As for what his master had said about whether he wanted to go outside the federation to absorb the resources he needed and develop his own faction as well as to train, he wanted to do so.

However, Lin Yuan had never set foot in the world outside the Radiance Federation. Although it wasn’t to the point that he knew nothing about the world outside the federation, what he knew was from the Moon Empress’ common sense questions that they had discussed during the question-and-answer session.

Lin Yuan thought that with the Mother of Bloodbath, a Suzerain/Myth II expert, and Endless Summer, a Suzerain/Myth III expert, he had the qualification to set foot in the world outside the Radiance Federation in terms of martial force.

The Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer were comparable to emperor-class experts in terms of strength. In terms of resources, Lin Yuan had control over high-quality Bronze feys. As long as there were spirit qi professionals, high-quality Bronze feys would be the most scarce resources.

Lin Yuan’s private faction was just starting now. If it could step outside of the Radiance Federation for development, it would be akin to Lin Yuan being able to eat a huge double-sided cake.

The world outside of the Radiance Federation gave Lin Yuan a platform to grow his ambition at will without worries. This was only good for the development of Lin Yuan’s private faction, the Sky City, and nothing bad.

Lin Yuan had always believed in a saying, “Stand up straight where you can see because you stand still where you can’t.”

If Sky City, a cloud hanging in the sky, wanted to be stable, it needed to be supported by more resources and martial force. Since this was the place he yearned for, he naturally had to go through trials and hardships.

Thus, Lin Yuan said seriously and firmly, “Mast

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