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Chapter 399: Homebody Lin Yuan

It was like a revolving door in Lin Yuan’s mind. He walked the path again that he had walked in his two lifetimes.

The moment he finished doing that, he only felt that the depths of his mind suddenly became clearer than ever.

This feeling of clarity made him only feel that looking at everything in the world had become refreshing, and his thinking had become clearer.

But due to the earlier intense pain, Lin Yuan had long been completely exhausted and now had no strength to move.

The lotus flowers in the lotus pond in the Radiant Moon Palace’s inner palace had actually just reached Suzerain. Only then did they comprehend a Willpower Rune and woke up from their slumber. The fact that their lotus roots were cut off at this time was something that affected their foundation.

The Moon Empress was currently pouring a bottle of dark-green spirit fluid into the lotus pond. Once it entered the lotus pond, the lotus feys, whose roots had just been cut off, immediately absorbed the energy in the dark-green spirit fluid to replenish their damaged roots.

“Moon Empress, the portions of the lotus root powder and Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar have been doubled in Young Lord’s bowl of assorted lotus root powder as you’ve instructed.”

When Xi Cha said this, she did not understand what the Moon Empress’ intention in doing so was. One serving of soul-cleansing was enough, and double the amount was akin to wasting it.

Even if the Moon Empress spoiled Lin Yuan, it was simply a pity to waste such good stuff.

The Moon Empress replied coldly, “Well done. This extra portion will allow Little Yuan to immediately replenish his body’s overtaxed energy to its optimal state after cleansing his soul.

“At the same time, it can also form a protective barrier in his soul.”

Xi Cha did not say much after hearing the Moon Empress’ words as she understood that the Moon Empress was not just spoiling their Young Lord.

Why would such good stuff be needed to restore his overtaxed body to its best condition?

He could also restore his health by eating some nourishing spiritual ingredients and recuperate for a period.

The protective barrier formed in his soul was only temporary. Perhaps in less than a year, it would naturally dissipate. Although one could prevent damage to the soul once per year, Xi Cha felt that such a way was simply appalling.

Lin Yuan was lying in the hot spring weakly, helplessly, and pitifully. Even after an hour of alleviation, Lin Yuan felt that there was still no significant effect. This was because his body had been too overtaxed in the process just now. Fortunately, he still had the strength to move his fingers.

Lin Yuan took the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar that his master had given him out of the Diamond fey storage box.

Fortunately, he had divided the large jar of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar, which could be called a

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