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Chapter 386: The White-Clothed Followers Project Begins!

Looking at Hu Quan’s joyful expression after he had achieved his life goal, Lin Yuan smiled and said to him, “I’ll congratulate Uncle Hu in advance.”

Hu Quan first chuckled and then rolled his eyes at him before replying, “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have become a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman.”

Liu Jie, who was cleaning up the tableware on the table, said, “Uncle Hu, contact us through the phone when you come back. At that time, I’ll make a table of delicious food for you to celebrate.”

Hu Quan also did not refuse and just subconsciously said, “I don’t eat liver.”

Liu Jie looked at Hu Quan’s real and unpretentious expression and had some doubts about his cooking skills for the first time.

I’ve eaten a lot of this cinnamon pork liver soup that I made. It tastes quite good!

Why does Hu Quan hate eating that so much?

Why don’t I add some fish head and Sichuan sesame to it when I make it next time so that it becomes fish-head pork liver soup with cinnamon and Sichuan sesame?

It can even nourish his mind while nourishing his liver!

Liu Jie felt that his idea was simply awesome. It was simply killing two birds with one stone.

After sending Hu Quan out, Lin Yuan returned to his room and logged onto Star Web with his Creation Master identity.

The first thing he did when he logged onto Star Web was to go to his Purchase With No Loss store and put up ten Flower Brocade Pearls for blind trade again.

Then he began to check all the messages he had received in his message bar during this period. Among these messages, most of them were asking if he had more Flower Brocade Pearls that could be traded.

Although they were all in the name of individuals, these people should have their own factions behind them. Otherwise, even if the buyer was a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master, they could not use all the Flower Brocade Pearls after buying so many of them.

Lin Yuan kept all the messages because he might do this deal some time after. Of course, some messages were asking Lin Yuan if he had Bronze/Epic feys. He deleted all of them.

Since he had established a private faction territory on Star Web and set its main operation path to customizing Bronze/Epic feys suitable for the different Willpower Runes that spirit qi professionals had comprehended, he naturally would not let his Purchase With No Loss store overlap with his private faction’s operation.

Wouldn’t he become his own competitor?

However, that didn’t mean that Lin Yuan wouldn’t allow high-quality Bronze feys to circulate outside his Purchase With No Loss store.

Then he issued the news of the blind trade on his Star Web store. It was not so much of a trade of items but a trade of people.

Lin Yuan wrote:

[Recruiting king-class experts with three Willpower Runes and above. Give me loyalty, and I’ll give you a future.]

Lin Yuan posted such a message that did not hide h

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