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Chapter 387: Silver Ability, Node Activation

After Lin Yuan gave these king-class experts with weak main fey but many Willpower Runes the high-quality Bronze feys, they might not bring any strong and favorable returns to him in a short period.

But after a year or two of nurturing their other fey, they would be no different from those king-class experts with powerful main feys. They would even become more powerful than them.

Lin Yuan wasn’t sure how many of these king-class experts would look for him. However, every such king-class expert would be equivalent to planting a seed in the soil that could bear fruit.

As long as this seed could sprout in the soil, then it was destined to bloom into a gorgeous flower.

Lin Yuan did not believe that those king-class experts with a low starting point but great talent would be willing to settle for mediocrity.

He had a temptation that any spirit qi professional could hardly resist, and he was unlike those veteran factions that only provided high-quality Bronze feys.

What he could provide were high-quality Bronze feys that could be customized according to the Willpower Rune. Thus, the net had been opened, just waiting for the fish to swim in.

When the news that Lin Yuan’s store put another batch of Flower Brocade Pearls for blind trade spread, the people who paid attention to it rushed to Purchase With No Loss Fey Store. Immediately after that, they were shocked by the recruitment news he had posted!

This one-star store simply had a huge appetite!

Or rather, how many resources did he have as the bottom line to be able to say, “Give me loyalty, and I’ll give you a future”?

Lin Yuan logged off Star Web and returned to the Spirit Lock spatial zone, ready to enhance the Bronze I/Normal Ethereal Jellyfish.

When he entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone this time, he noticed Gray was playing hide-and-seek with the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope. They were running and chasing each other and hiding, bringing a lot of fun to the place.

After Lin Yuan got close to these two little fellows, he started to concentrate on enhancing the Ethereal Jellyfish to improve its grade and quality.

For the past few days, Lin Yuan had only slept four to five hours every day, like when he had entered seclusion in the past.

After spending five days promoting the Ethereal Jellyfish from Bronze I/Normal to Bronze X/Legend, he noticed that although this light-red Ethereal Jellyfish still had no change in color and was still the same color after it had absorbed his blood, its heart would emit a flickering dark-red glow from time to time. At the same time, its body became much larger, with many bright silver lines on it.

When the Ethereal Jellyfish contracted its body, it was as if it had traveled back and forth several spaces. Between the dimming and flickering, it was close at hand, but it was as if there were layers of barriers that people simply could not touch.


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