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Chapter 395: Surging Tide in the Dark

When Mystic Moon saw that the Moon Empress was getting more and more abnormal, he hurriedly said, “Moon Empress, I heard that the Spacetime Elder has been depressed lately, and he usually doesn’t speak for a few days. He was very sick some time ago and has yet to get well now. What do you think?”

When the Moon Empress heard Mystic Moon’s words, she couldn’t help but feel a little awkward. She said, “The Spacetime Elder did not do things on the fly because his granddaughter insisted on becoming a courier.

“Did he become less manly six months ago? What does that old man’s illness have to do with me?”

After Mystic Moon’s reminder, the Moon Empress recalled how depressed the Spacetime Elder had looked all day long.

The Moon Empress dismissed the intention to go to the Spacetime Elder’s place for larger pieces of the Hollow Crystal Mother Shellfish’s spatial crystals.

Thus, the Moon Empress proceeded to explain the situation of the Divine Wood Federation to Lin Yuan, “The Divine Wood Federation is warm and humid all year round, which is particularly suitable for the growth of plant feys and spiritual ingredients. The entire Divine Wood Federation is considered a treasure land with abundant plant feys.

“There are a lot of fruits produced by the Divine Wood Federation’s various plant feys, so almost every household there makes wine from the spirit fruits.

“I don’t know if the environment influences the people in the Divine Wood Federation. They are quite fond of poetry, music, dancing, and even some literature.”

After listening to the Moon Empress’s introduction of the Divine Wood Federation, Lin Yuan began to think about how he should develop there.

The Moon Empress spoke again. “Although the Divine Wood Federation is a treasure land with very abundant plant feys, including rare and powerful plant feys, its Creation Masters are extremely scarce. There is not a single Class 5 Creation Master in the entire Divine Wood Federation, and the highest class of Creation Masters are only two pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters.”

The Moon Empress paused slightly and suddenly changed the subject. “If you go to the Divine Wood Federation, don’t drink too much of the fruit wine there. Their wine is different from ours.

“The Divine Wood Federation’s wines have protein-rich insect-species feys’ innards added to them because they supposedly enhance the fruit wines’ flavor.”

Lin Yuan’s expression became complicated when he heard the Moon Empress’ words. Could the innards of insect-species feys really enhance a fruit wine’s flavor?

What kind of divine flavor did the insect-species feys’ bitter and fishy innards add to the sweet fruit wine?

Even if he was curious, he simply could not raise the interest to try it.

He suddenly felt that the people in the Divine Wood Federation had their ways. Was this considered the simplified cultural style of ‘having meat with wine’?

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