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Chapter 389: Fantasy II

When the two middle-aged men heard the gloomy youth’s words, they looked at each other.

The younger of the two men asked carefully, “Young Master Zheng, I heard that the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce found a backer, and the merchant guild is just an empty shell now. About that…”

The gloomy youth’s eyes grew dangerous. He looked at the two kneeling middle-aged men and yelled, “Since the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce has already shifted from Indigo Azure City to the Royal Capital, it means they did so before your eyes!

“Don’t tell me you cannot even handle the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce, which has already given up their downline resources and is just under your watch!?

“As for the other matters, I will handle them.”

After receiving the gloomy youth’s orders, they quickly retreated from the room while feeling terrified.

At that moment, the hunched elder standing behind the gloomy youth suddenly said, “Young Master, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s current leader is Listen. I heard that he is rather competent.”

The gloomy youth stood up and shrugged. He said as though he didn’t care, “Elder Niu, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce is just an ant. So what if Listen is a competent person? If he doesn’t even have any chess pieces, how can he play chess?”

One could hear from the gloomy youth’s tone that he didn’t even put Listen in his eyes. The hunched elder originally wanted to say something, but after hearing the gloomy youth’s response, he asked, “Young Master, do you want me to find out about the faction backing the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce?”

The gloomy youth shook his hand and said, “Given the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s current situation, do you think a veteran faction would try to take control of it?

“Furthermore, what I really want is the coastal sea, which the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce controls at Indigo Azure City. My Zheng Family wishes to excavate resources at Indigo Azure City’s coastal seas. Therefore, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s coastal sea is destined to belong to my Zheng family.”

“If there is a faction truly obstructing us…”

After speaking to this point, the gloomy youth lowered his head and didn’t talk anymore.

The hunched Elder Niu stayed silent for a moment before asking, “What does Young Master plan to do?”

The gloomy youth looked at the crushed wine glass on the floor and said, “Listen’s backer might not bother about the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce. However, if this backer really interferes with the Zheng family’s interests, then let the backer be the wine glass on the ground right now.”

The hunched Elder Niu responded, “I understand, Young Master. Let me handle this matter!”

Before he used almost all of his strength to kick the black leopard on the ground, the gloomy youth nodded. The black leopard never closed its eyes to rest after getting kicked aw

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