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Chapter 522: Smile and Smile Until Tears Fall

The Mother of Bloodbath bowed to the Moon Empress and said, “Moon Empress, since Lin Yuan is no longer in any danger, I will return to the mansion to await his return.”

After speaking, it prepared to place the wooden tablet that the Moon Empress had just thrown to it on the table before her.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath heard the Moon Empress speak again.

“Am I right to say that your strength is insufficient against a veteran faction like the Zheng family?

“Before the veteran factions, the Myth Breed’s emperor-class combat power will eventually become a shield that does not let a trace of frost pass through.

“However, it’s another matter if you can attain Creation Breed combat power.

“This Crescent Moon Radiant Sunlight Tablet will protect you through the Trial of World Creation, such that you will not fall when you evolve to the Creation Breed. The rest is up to you.”

The Mother of Bloodbath froze with the wooden tablet in its hands. It had a complicated expression on its face.

However, it regained its original composure in an instant.

The Mother of Bloodbath thanked the Moon Empress again. Then, it gripped the Crescent Moon Radiant Sunlight Tablet tightly in its hand and left the Radiant Moon Palace to return to the mansion.

After the Mother of Bloodbath left, Cold Moon looked at the Moon Empress as though she was meeting her for the first time. She asked, perplexed, “You could have directly awarded the Crescent Moon Radiant Sunlight Tablet to the Mother of Bloodbath. Why did you put so much thought into it?”

Cold Moon knew that the Moon Empress had never been a woman of many words.

However, she had unexpectedly disclosed the Zheng family’s might when giving the Crescent Moon Radiant Sunlight Tablet to the Mother of Bloodbath.

Although the Moon Empress had only said one more sentence, it had completely transformed Cold Moon’s impression of her.

At that moment, the Moon Empress picked up the Smooth Crystal-Thread Jujubes that she had just put down and began using the jade-textured osmanthus wood pestle to continue pounding them.

Upon hearing Cold Moon’s question, she replied, “This small spider’s self-respect is very great. If This Empress did not mention Lin Yuan and the Zheng family, even if this Crescent Moon Radiant Sunlight Tablet could help it weather the Trial of World Creation, it would not have accepted it.”

Having said this, the Moon Empress glanced at Cold Moon before continuing. “Once you’ve become a Master, you will realize that martial force cannot solve every problem. In This Empress’ view, the wisdom required to be a Master far outweighs that required to be a Class 5 Creation Master.”

Upon hearing this, the corner of Cold Moon’s mouth could not help but twitch.

She did not understand why the Moon Empress had said this.

In Cold Moon’s opinion, it was very easy to be a Master.

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