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Chapter 526: Am I About to Have a Sister-in-law?

Lin Yuan felt that the present situation was too much of a coincidence.

The Burning Sunflower that Lin Yuan had prepared for Chu Ci was a source-type lifeform that would have a burning effect on everyone other than its contractor.

After the Burning Sunflower was contracted, the Burning Sunflower Spirit would bloom out of its flower buds.

Fairy source-type lifeforms like the Burning Sunflower had high intelligence. As a fire-type, the Burning Sunflower Spirit had a temper like raging flames.

The Burning Sunflower would attach itself onto one target in battle while its flames razed all the opponents present.

If it attached itself onto one of its teammates, said teammate would be covered with a shield that was impervious to fire-elemental energy.

If it attached itself to an opponent, the opponent would suffer excessive damage from fire-elemental energy and burn continuously from the Burning Sunflower’s nearby flames.

The Burning Sunflower also had fairy-elemental energy and could morph its body.

This meant that the feys that the Burning Sunflower Spirit attached itself to would be unable to escape the attachment through physical attacks.

The Burning Sunflower Spirit’s attachment could be either a blessing or a curse depending on which side it chose.

However, the Burning Sunflower Spirit was not without weakness, as it was not as effective against feys with dispersal abilities.

Although the Burning Sunflower Spirit would only show its true might on the battlefield, Lin Yuan did not insist on giving it to Chu Ci because of the damage it could inflict on its enemies.

It was because its imperviousness against fire could provide Chu Ci with an additional level of protection.

The moment Lin Yuan had set his eyes on the Burning Sunflower, he felt that it was exceptionally compatible with the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s exclusive skill, Pain Absorption.

It would help the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull to fulfill the conditions needed for Annihilation Gaze when the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull was not being attacked.

Chu Ci’s enemies would face more than just spirit qi professionals that had attacking abilities from now on.

The Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s Annihilation Gaze needed it to be injured so as to transform the damage into mental attacks that could be used against the enemy.

Once the conditions for Annihilation Gaze were met, even if Chu Ci was faced with spirit qi professionals that were skilled at using support-type feys, regular defense-type spirit qi professionals, or even healing-type spirit qi professionals, she would be fine.

After seeing the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s Silver abilities, Lin Yuan felt that the Burning Sunflower was complementary to the Pain Buffer ability.

Chu Ci had not formed a contract with the Burning Sunflower, and its abilities had not yet been ascertained.

Nonetheless, Lin Yuan was alr

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