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Chapter 517: The Terrified Sacred Source Lifeforms

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Lin Yuan stood there. His usually pristinely straight spine was now hunched over and quivering.

Lin Yuan was worried that the energy in his Extreme Token would run out quickly while combating the Class 5 dimensional rift.

However, Lin Yuan never expected that the spirit qi in his Spirit Qi Imprint would run out before the energy in the Extreme Token.

Lin Yuan had been activating the Bud of Mountain Jade to heal his injured arms, but he had underestimated the depletion of the Platinum/Fantasy III Jasmine Lily’s spirit qi, as well as the severity of his injuries.

The dimensional energy in the dimensional hub was like sharp knives that were slicing apart each inch of Lin Yuan’s skin that was in the dimensional hub.

Not even the supple skin between his fingers was spared.

With every dimensional fluctuation, agonizing pain pierced Lin Yuan’s brain.

The dimensional fluctuations took place every second.

Lin Yuan’s brain was dizzy with anguish, and it soon started to feel numb.

To make matters worse, Lin Yuan also needed to withstand the draining feeling that came with having the spirit qi in his body siphoned out.

It was already enough of a struggle for spirit qi professionals to fight through the feeling of having their spirit qi siphoned out, much less when they needed to endure torturous pain as well, like what Lin Yuan was doing.

His determined expression was partially obscured by the sand blowing around in the air.

Even if Lin Yuan’s Source Sand was not particularly intelligent, it could still sense Lin Yuan’s current condition.

The flying sand was the Source Sand’s way of motivating Lin Yuan.

The Genius mask that Lin Yuan was wearing fell from his face, and the silver mask turned into a three-tailed white cat.

When Genius saw Lin Yuan, its blue eyes welled up with tears.

Instead of snuggling into Lin Yuan’s embrace like what it usually did, it jumped onto Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

Genius knew that if it touched Lin Yuan, it could very well be the last strand that caused Lin Yuan to collapse, effectively wasting all his effort.

Although Lin Yuan was dizzy, numb with fatigue and pain, and seemed as though he could fall asleep at any moment, his mind was actually exceptionally clear.

Even if he only had one breath left in him, Lin Yuan was going to retrieve the two sacred source lifeforms—it was the last thing he would do.

Unfortunately, the damage to his hands was too serious.

The Bud of Mountain Jade could not receive Lin Yuan’s spirit qi, and no matter how much it tried to use Heal on Lin Yuan, his hands would not recover as fast as he was worsening.

In a flash, Lin Yuan’s hands had been reduced to a mere slip of flesh.

The helplessness and pain from being drained of spirit qi combined with the blood loss from his hands weakened hi

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