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Chapter 509: Could It Really Be a Sacred Source Lifeform?

Zhou Luo raised his head, gazed into the distance, and yelled with all his might in that direction, “Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, everything depends on you now!”

After shouting this, Zhou Luo staggered towards the Lava Dragon Lizard.

He had just taken some ointment made of spiritual ingredients out of the fey storage box and was preparing to rub it on the Lava Dragon Lizard’s body.

However, at that moment, as his tension eased, he immediately felt dizzy due to the excessive blood loss from the wound on his leg.

This sudden dizziness blackened Zhou Luo’s vision. He collapsed beside the Lava Dragon Lizard and fell into a deep sleep.

Lin Yuan, carried by four Hurricane Owlet Moths, rushed towards the dimensional hub.

On one hand, he was now concerned about Zhou Luo’s condition.

On the other, his journey had been unexpectedly calm.

The Source Sand’s gravel had long been laid at the dimensional hub’s location.

Lin Yuan continuously urged the Source Sand to produce sand grains beneath the seabed, using the dimensional hub as the center.

Now, these sand grains completely covered a compatibility range of three kilometer surrounding the dimensional hub.

The Source Sand was not sensitive to small vibrations on the seabed’s surface, but it could easily detect violent vibrations.

Lin Yuan had not been notified by the Source Sand of any severe vibrations within this compatibility range.

It seemed that there probably weren’t any huge feys like the Blade Worm moving about in the dimensional hub’s vicinity.

The Hurricane Owlet Moths carried Lin Yuan and Liu Jie in flight for close to five minutes. Lin Yuan immediately saw many well-built strongholds beneath their feet.

Clearly, people had been living there for a prolonged period of time in the past.

Looking at the strongholds before his eyes, Liu Jie said to Lin Yuan in a deep voice, “This place is very close to the dimensional hub. Should we get off here and walk to it on foot or let the Hurricane Owlet Moths fly us there?”

Liu Jie eyed the strongholds on the ground with vigilance.

Although they appeared deathly still from above, Liu Jie was still unable to confirm if there were any remaining spirit qi professionals within them.

If there were, then wouldn’t he and Lin Yuan have become two obvious moving targets in the air?

As they neared the dimensional hub, Lin Yuan did not know why, but he felt an increasing sense of urgency.

The dimensional fluctuations here were really too severe. If they did not stop the dimensional rift’s evolution immediately, Lin Yuan would not be able to feel at ease.

Looking at the dimensional hub in front of them, Lin Yuan turned to Liu Jie and said, “Big Brother Liu, let’s rush into it directly.”

After receiving Lin Yuan’s answer, Liu Jie immediately ordered the Insect Queen to create four Shield Ladybugs.

After the Shield Ladyb

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