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Chapter 510: Lin Yuan, I Will Be Absent

Lin Yuan immediately turned his head and looked intently at the clearing where he had just seen the hazy figure before.

However, when he checked the spot again, he found that the figure had disappeared.

After checking it once over to no avail, Lin Yuan thought that he had been mistaken.

He inhaled deeply and focused all of his attention on the dimensional hub.

For some reason, Liu Jie, who was standing beside Lin Yuan, constantly felt a sense of danger lurking at all four sides.

Liu Jie was very familiar with this feeling. Previously,whenever he had encountered danger when practicing in the wild, this same feeling would arise.

This sense of crisis could be considered the combat intuition that he had developed after countless battles.

And now, Liu Jie only felt this sense of impending crisis grow increasingly intense.

Just then, he suddenly thought about the clearing that Lin Yuan had just turned his head to look at and realized that the latter must have felt the same inexplicable sense of crisis.

Liu Jie also turned his head to gaze at the same clearing.

As he cast this one glance, he felt his hairs stand on end.

He immediately let out a loud bellow.

“Lin Yuan, defense!”

Right after, Liu Jie ordered the four Shield Ladybugs that were on standby beside him to shield Lin Yuan from the front.

Liu Jie had caught sight of a shadowy figure that had suddenly appeared in the clearing.

And this figure had been launching a purplish-gray crystal directly towards them.

Upon hearing Liu Jie’s loud shout, Lin Yuan subconsciously directed the Source Sand to separate a large amount of feathers from the Close Guard Sand at his feet.

These feathers were made of Gold Day and Night Spirit Silver. Because Lin Yuan had changed their appearance, they now looked like Gray’s feathers.

At the same time, because the Source Sand had already been promoted to Fantasy II, Lin Yuan had added an extra cubic meter of Day and Night Spirit Silver into it.

Hence, when the feathers formed his four wings, they were denser, more agile, and more elegant than before.

At that moment, the four Shield Ladybugs hit the purplish-gray crystal that had been flying towards them.

After hitting the ladybugs, the crystal exploded on impact, and a terrifying energy fluctuation rippled outwards.

Seeing the situation, Liu Jie instinctively sent his Insect Queen, which had just recovered its fairy-like form, towards Lin Yuan without hesitation.

Each of Lin Yuan’s four wings, which were nearly three meters long, had already spread.

Lin Yuan also instinctively protected Liu Jie under his four wings of Day and Night Spirit Silver.

Then, Lin Yuan channeled spiritual power into his wings.

Their original ink color, which was so dark that the wings had seemed to be able to absorb light, turned into a shining white in an instant.


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