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Chapter 518: The Rabbit’s Broken Carrot

In the end, the two sacred source lifeforms could not form a contract in the clash against Lin Yuan’s soul silhouettes.

Yet, they seemed terrified of Morbius’ golden light.

The two sacred source lifeforms seemed to stick together reluctantly.

Every corner of Lin Yuan’s soul silhouette radiated rainbow light.

The movements of the two sources of rainbow light did not attack Lin Yuan’s already broken soul silhouette again.

Instead, they melded into one and entered Lin Yuan’s broken soul silhouette.

When the rainbow light scattered, the sacred source lifeforms’ shape could be seen again.

After Morbius lit up with golden light, it seemed as though all the light from the Morbius bracelet was gone.

Morbius’ weak voice sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind. “Yuan, I need to hibernate for a while.”

Morbius continued after pausing. “I’ll be hibernating longer than usual this time. I might not be able to wake up before evolving to Fantasy Breed. However, with the new sacred source lifeform formed from the two sacred source lifeforms, I can sleep without worries.”

Morbius spoke slowly as it was offering affectionate instructions.

Finally, Morbius fell into a deep slumber.

However, Lin Yuan had no idea what took place after losing consciousness.

Inside Lin Yuan’s broken soul silhouette, the sacred source lifeforms looked as though they had been praised by their betters and were in seventh heaven.

They leaped about vigorously with glee inside of the dimensional rift that had stopped evolving.

Without the support of the source-type items, the space inside the dimensional hub was about to disappear.

The unconscious Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Zhou Luo were spat out like pieces of garbage from the disappearing dimensional hub.


The black-masked, black-robed woman looked at the halted dimensional rift’s entrance with a grim expression on her face.

She suddenly realized that the woman next to her, who was wearing moon-colored long robes, had a serene expression.

The eeriness and madness of power were almost tangible.

The woman dressed in black uttered, “Oh no.”

The temper of the woman in moon-colored long robes seemed harder to deal with than the evolving dimensional rift.

“Moon Empress, since you arrived earlier, did you find out which faction is behind this dimensional rift?”

The Moon Empress stared unblinkingly at the dimensional rift, ignoring the woman in black.

She spoke with an odd coldness. “Chief Guard Ye, This Empress has not left Leaning Moon Mountain in a decade! Isn’t it a bit stupid to ask This Empress which faction is behind this?”

The Spirit Guards’ Chief Guard Night Leaning Moon immediately knew that she had misspoken.

How could I have forgotten the Moon Empress’ real temper? She’s basically a ticking time bomb! Her composed expression is nothing but a facade.

The root of the Mo

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