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Chapter 514: Bud of Mountain Jade

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Although the evolved Gold/Fantasy Jasmine Lily had been unrecognizable to ordinary people, some Class 4 and Class 5 Scholars would still be able to uncover its essence upon investigation.

However, after its subsequent evolution, Class 4 Scholars were no longer able to see through to its essence.

It was likely that if the Class 5 Scholars did not hold it in their hands and study it carefully for a few days, they would not have been able to guess that this specimen before them had evolved from a Jasmine Lily.

Lin Yuan quickly used Morbius’ True Data to scan the evolved Jasmine Lily.

[Normal Spirit Lock]:

Jasmine Lily (Bud of Mountain Jade): Platinum (1/10)/Fantasy III

Ability – [Heal]:

– Fasciated Flower Stand: Its Heal ability will reverse-heal the target, absorbing its vitality and letting it experience extreme comfort at the same time.

– Crystallized Main Flower: Its Heal ability will reverse-heal the target and absorb a large amount of its vitality.

– Bud of Mountain Jade: Its Heal ability will heal the target and channel rich vitality into it through its Bud of Mountain Jade, restoring the target’s damaged vitality.

Exclusive Skill:

[Recovery Imprint]: It accumulates the healing energy that is released by the Jasmine Lily during normal times. The contractor can activate the imprint to release the accumulated healing energy.

[Severed Limbs Growth]: It comprehends the arcana of plant growth. Even if one’s gene template is damaged, the rich vitality can allow one to continue to grow slowly.

With this scan, Lin Yuan felt that his eyeballs almost fell to the ground.

He hurriedly stopped letting the Jasmine Lily’s dark red Fasciated Flower Stand and its blood-red Crystallized Main Flower continue to heal Liu Jie.

If he let them continue healing Liu Jie, he would be harming the latter.

Lin Yuan could not understand where he had gone wrong!

Was the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s Sobbing Sea Crystals the reason?

The Sea Burial Lotus Flower only condensed Sobbing Sea Crystals after it had deprived the entire ocean of vitality.

Now, after the Jasmine Lily had used the Sobbing Sea Crystals to evolve, it had also assimilated some of the Sea Burial Lotus Flower’s skills.

Could these skills not have been integrated in the Jasmine Lily’s Heal ability?

This was still the first time that Lin Yuan had heard of reverse-healing.

Had his own Jasmine Lily fey just turned from a big blood bag that could only donate blood into a blood-sucking vampire?

Moreover, it was now an unscrupulous vampire!

Absorbing the vitality in the body of any living being was an extremely cruel means of harming it.

It was still considered normal that the Crystallized Main Flower’s Heal ability directly extracted the target’s vitality.

However, the Fasciated Flower Stand actua

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