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Chapter 511: A New Hope

Under the urging of his spiritual power, the Extreme Token plastered to Lin Yuan’s chest seemed to turn into a round moon in an instant, bursting with soft moonlight.

The moonlight was like water, shining on Lin Yuan’s body as if it could permeate his heart.

In the instant that the gray-haired, gray-eyed man saw the gentle moonlight rising from Lin Yuan’s chest, he felt as if everything would melt into this moonlight and never face.

Yet, as this moonlight, carrying light smoke and untainted by fine dust, left Lin Yuan’s chest, it immediately lost its original gentleness.

In an instant, the mountains and rivers changed color!

With Lin Yuan’s entire body as its origin, a stretch of silk composed of shining moonlight appeared to rise from his chest.

The moonlight was like white silk shining in the sky!

It carried itself with unparalleled might and majesty.

The piece of moonlight silk hovered in the sky before condensing into a bright moon in an instant.

This bright moon that radiated brilliant moonlight on the horizon seemed to take over the world within the evolving dimensional rift.

It created layers of ripples, and the brilliance of these ripples condensed into countless threads of moonlight silk.

As cold, satin-like moonlight poured from the bright moon, it did not give the gray-haired, gray-eyes man and his Fantasy Breed three-headed hound more time to react.

The man and his hound were sublimated into nothingness under this moonlight.

Lin Yuan could not help but feel somewhat frightened by the world’s change in color after he had activated his Extreme Token.

Not only was the gray-haired gray-eyed man and the three-headed hound instantly obliterated by the moonlight, but even the sturdy dimensional barrier at the dimensional hub, formed during the dimensional rift’s evolution, thinned rapidly. It was continuously being sublimated under the moonlight.

Moreover, this happened even when the moonlight had not targeted the dimensional barrier, which made Lin Yuan amazed by the Moon Empress’ strength.

He could not help but sigh. It turned out that his master possessed such immense strength!

Just by looking at the appearance of the gray-haired, gray-eyed man who had launched the sneak attack, Lin Yuan knew that he had not belonged to the Radiance Federation.

Moreover, this Seventh Page War he had mentione and his strange name of Hunting-Ashes were details that Lin Yuan engraved in his heart.

Even if Lin Yuan did not know whom ‘Seventh Page War’ and ‘Hunting-Ashes’ referred to exactly, he would inform the Moon Empress of this news if he could get out.

Given her knowledge, she would very likely know what kind of force was planning all of this.

However, at that moment, Lin Yuan had already focused part of his thoughts on the dimensional hub and was waiting for its barrier to disappear beneath the shining moonlight.


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