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Chapter 519: Come, Come Home with Master

After breaking the carrot, the Moon Empress handed half of it to the suddenly sluggish little rabbit in her arms.

Then, she placed the little rabbit on the ground.

Standing by Lin Yuan’s side, the Moon Empress gently placed the other half of the carrot at the corner of his mouth before immediately beginning to urge spirit qi.

Under the Moon Empress’ urging of spirit qi, the half-carrot dissolved into a liquid and flowed into Lin Yuan’s stomach on its own.

After Lin Yuan’s body absorbed the energy in this half-carrot, it immediately transformed as carrot-colored energy radiated from it.

Lin Yuan’s body and soul had long been broken, while his spirit had also fallen into a deep sleep.

However, upon digesting this half carrot, the broken soul silhouette in the depths of Lin Yuan’s soul, together with his arms that had their bones exposed, rapidly recovered.

Mere moments after the half carrot had entered Lin Yuan’s body, everything in it was restored to its original state.

However, Lin Yuan’s soul and spirit were still deep in slumber, just like how a person who had been awake for three days and three nights needed a long night’s rest to replenish his energy.

Although Lin Yuan’s body had completely recovered, the tragedy of what he had just experienced in the dimensional rift would always be engraved on his tattered moon-white spirit qi clothes and the blood that stained them.

At that moment, the little rabbit’s eyes first looked toward Lin Yuan. Upon finding that he was alright, it appeared to release its breath.

Yet, when it lowered its head and saw that it only had half a carrot left in its paws, the little rabbit’s ears immediately drooped to the ground.

It tenderly rubbed its half carrot. Suddenly, the half carrot regrew the part that had been broken by the Moon Empress and became whole again.

However, the newly-grown carrot looked to be smaller than its previous size by a whole round.

The little rabbit had initially decided to continue gnawing on its carrot. However, upon seeing that the carrot had shrunk by a round, it could not bear to put it in its mouth.

Instead, it put the carrot behind its bottom and hid it there.

Night Leaning Moon’s gaze was currently on the other two people the dimensional rift had spat out.

After giving Zhou Luo and Liu Jie a once-over, Night Leaning Moon turned her gaze on Liu Jie.

If one considered Liu Jie to only be a member of the Radiance Hundred Sequence, then Night Leaning Moon, as the Chief Guard of the Spirit Guards, would not have had such a deep impression of him.

Yet, upon looking at him only once, Night Leaning Moon immediately recognized him.

Unexpectedly, Liu Jie was amongst those who had emerged from the evolving dimensional rift.

Night Leaning Moon could not help but recall when Liu Jie had been outside Cold Frost City blocking the insect swarm to help

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