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Chapter 515: Treatment and Rolling Grade

The sight of Liu Jie’s broken body slowly starting to recover as it basked in the Bud of Mountain Jade’s glowing vitality immediately put a smile on Lin Yuan’s face.

Lin Yuan closed his eyes and focused on sensing Liu Jie’s current physical condition.

After the Bud of Mountain Jade’s vitality scattered, Lin Yuan could sense that it had regenerated Liu Jie’s organs.

When he was done with his inspection, Lin Yuan felt a heavy weight lift from his shoulders.

However, the rate at which Liu Jie was recovering was too slow!

The dimensional hub in the distance that was eroding under the moonlight had been reduced to a thin layer of spatial obstacle.

Lin Yuan knew that time was not on Liu Jie’s side, and he could not continue to recover at such a slow pace.

Lin Yuan attempted to inject all the vitality in the Vitality Imprint on his forehead into the Bud of Mountain Jade at the top of the Jasmine Lily.

The vitality in Lin Yuan’s Vitality Imprint came from the Jasmine Lily’s accumulation when it had been Silver I/Fantasy I, but it was now Platinum/Fantasy III.

The Bud of Mountain Jade received all of the vitality Lin Yuan was directing.

The small Bud of Mountain Jade growing on the tassels started to vibrate intensely after receiving the massive amount of energy.

A dark green pistil sprouting from the Bud of Mountain Jade started to ripple gently.

The gentle ripples brought the dark green waves of concentrated energy with them, which coalesced into one dark green droplet.

When Lin Yuan saw the droplet, a thought entered his mind.

If life can be interpreted in terms of color, vitality has to be represented by this dark green. The dark green droplet must contain all the vitality from my Vitality Imprint. This means the Vitality Imprint on my forehead is now empty.

The dark green droplet landed on Liu Jie, and his body started to pulse with jade-colored ripples.

Shortly after, the jade-colored glow enveloped Liu Jie’s body.

When the jade-colored cocoon broke soon after, Liu Jie fell out onto the ground looking as good as new.

Lin Yuan knew that Liu Jie was completely drained after the double attack of the purplish-gray poison and the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar.

Unfortunately, Lin Yuan did not possess any feys that could replenish energy.

Lin Yuan grabbed a bunch of Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus from the Spirit Lock spatial zone and crushed the petals before placing them in Liu Jie’s mouth. He helped Liu Jie swallow by pouring water down his throat.

He also instructed Morbius to use Calm Mind on Liu Jie.

With this, Lin Yuan had done all he could to aid Liu Jie.

It could also be said that Lin Yuan had undertaken a major risk as well.

As a C-rank spirit qi professional, Lin Yuan should only be able to control feys that were a maximum of Gold/Fantasy X.

He had decided to gather his cou

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