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Chapter 520: Is Someone Chasing You Again?

Lin Yuan had fallen into a deep sleep. However, he dreamed a long, long dream as he slept.

In his dream, Lin Yuan was gazing upon a world like a bystander.

That world had originally been full of life, with unknown small flowers blossoming in the wilderness.

However, at that moment, two rainbows radiating light in seven colors suddenly appeared in the sky.

These two rainbows fought to invade the deep blue sky, neither willing to give way to the other.

The rainbow light appeared gentle, but it was actually unusually untamed.

As the light spread all over the earth, the earth cracked while the unknown flowers blooming on it withered.

At that moment, a figure suddenly descended from one of the rainbows.

This figure was a girl with closed eyes and a body like a phantom’s.

The girl wore a crown and a long skirt. She carried herself with a kind of inherent nobility.

In the instant that she descended from the rainbow, she seemed to almost invade the entire world as though she was about to become its master.

Just then, a sword without a scabbard fell directly from the other rainbow.

The sword’s hilt was gorgeous, carved with various animal totems. Its slender body contained a sharpness that was enough to slice through anything.

The sharp sword launched an assault on the crown-wearing girl.

The two were locked tightly in a stalemate.

It was precisely this stalemate that made the rainbow light even more unscrupulous. The world that had already fallen apart was about to collapse completely.

In that instant, the entire world was suddenly shrouded in a reddish-gold brilliance that felt unusually familiar and warm to Lin Yuan, who had been watching everything.

As the reddish-gold brilliance descended, the girl and the sword that were locked in a stalemate became unusually fearful.

This brilliance appeared to be imposing its will on the crown-wearing girl and the sword without a scabbard.

In the end, the girl reluctantly walked toward the sword.

She opened her arms and hugged it.

At that moment, the two became one. From two single entities, they combined to become a new whole.

The world was on the verge of collapse when the crown-wearing girl curled her legs up as her skirt fluttered in mid-air.

She was holding the sword with an unusually gorgeous hilt tightly in her arms.

At that moment, the sword’s ornate carvings seemed to hold the girl’s power.

With this power added, its desire grew exceedingly great!

Just then, the two initially feuding rainbows also fused into one.

The previously unruly rainbow light also became beautiful and gentle, spreading all over the earth again.

This time, the light did not destroy the world on the verge of coming apart but melted perfectly into it.

After the rainbow light completely melted into it, the girl hugging the sword surrendered to th

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