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Chapter 521: Crescent Moon Radiant Sunlight Tablet

Upon hearing Cold Moon’s words, the Moon Empress did not appear particularly surprised.

Over the week that Lin Yuan had been sleeping, the Moon Empress had long noticed Cold Moon’s closeness to Chu Ci.

However, she did not expect Cold Moon, whose personality had always been cold, to voluntarily accept a disciple.

With that thought in mind, the Moon Empress was certain that Cold Moon had only gotten the idea of accepting a disciple after seeing her accept Lin Yuan as her disciple.

Since Cold Moon had learned from her, the Moon Empress felt the need to teach the former how to be a good Master.

From the Moon Empress’ point of view, a Master who did not know how to dote on their disciple could not be considered a good one.

“Cold Moon, you must smile more in Chu Ci’s presence in the future. It is not good to be too serious.”

Having said this, the Moon Empress thought for a while before changing the subject.

“Since you just accepted Chu Ci as a disciple, why don’t you find her a Path Protector? This would also guarantee her safety.”

The Moon Empress’ expression was extremely earnest as she said this. After all, the Moon Empress had just been anxious and frightened because of Lin Yuan’s recent incident.

Upon hearing the Moon Empress’ words, Cold Moon hurriedly replied, “Moon Empress, I see that Chu Ci gets along well with my Icy King Dragon. I plan to name it Chu Ci’s Path Protector.”

The Moon Empress felt that Cold Moon was ready to be a Master.

Suddenly, she turned her gaze to the pitiful little rabbit lying on the table that was looking at the carrot growing in the soil.

The little rabbit sensed someone’s eyes on its body and instantly raised its ears vigilantly.

After it saw that the Moon Empress was looking at it, the rabbit quickly turned around, stood up, and fiercely blocked the flowerpot where it had planted its carrot.

The Moon Empress shifted her gaze somewhat reluctantly. This rabbit was so close to falling into the carrot’s eyes!

At that moment, a clear voice rang from the entrance of the inner palace.

“Moon Empress, the Young Lord’s Path Protector, the Mother of Bloodbath, requests to see you.”

Turning her head to look toward the room within the inner palace, the Moon Empress said, “Let it in.”

With that, she placed one of the Smooth Crystal-Thread Jujubes that she had just peeled on the table.

Cold Moon sharply realized that the Moon Empress’ expression had become more somber.

Right after, Cold Moon saw a red-haired, red-eyed woman dressed in red enter through the inner palace’s entrance.

Cold Moon’s entire body sent out a terrifying force.

Under Cold Moon’s guidance, this force did not affect the plants in the inner palace.

However, when it handed on the Mother of Bloodbath’s body, it made the fey feel as though it was trapped in a glacier.

The Mother of Bloo

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