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Chapter 516: The Insect Queen’s Metamorphosis and the Two Sacred Source Lifeforms

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After the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar entered the Insect Queen’s body, Lin Yuan took out a spirit qi crystal without hesitation and crushed it in his hand.

What the Insect Queen needed most for its recovery was not vitality but rather an enormous amount of pure spirit qi.

The Insect Queen would start to heal itself after it absorbed the pure spirit qi.

Being a Platinum/Fantasy Breed source-type lifeform, the Insect Queen had strong recovery capabilities.

Moreover, with a treasure like the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar, it would be child’s play to expel the purplish-gray poison.

However, Lin Yuan frowned deeply at what happened next.

Instead of the purplish-gray poison being expelled in the form of a thick substance flowing out of the holes, like what had happened to Liu Jie, the Insect Queen absorbed the purplish-gray poison along with the enormous amount of spirit qi.

Before Lin Yuan could react, the Insect Queen’s purple flesh cocoon suddenly squirted out a large volume of gummy insect protein.

After being expelled, the insect protein changed from transparent to creamy white.

The creamy white insect protein started to harden, sealing the Insect Queen inside.

Lin Yuan immediately used Morbius’ True Data to check on the Insect Queen.

He found that the Insect Queen was undergoing metamorphosis.

Lin Yuan sighed. “Could the Insect Queen’s metamorphosis have something to do with the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar?”

The Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar was used to purge impurities and repair damaged roots. It was not supposed to trigger metamorphosis.

Thus, the Insect Queen’s sudden metamorphosis had to be linked to the purplish-gray poison.

Besides being unable to battle on the water, Liu Jie’s mastery over using the Insect Queen’s abilities had grown into a near-perfect fighting combination on land.

Hence, the Insect Queen’s abrupt metamorphosis might not be a positive change.

Who could say how Liu Jie’s fighting style would change after the Insect Queen’s transformation?

Liu Jie was the kind of spirit qi professional that prioritized directing an insect army on the battlefield and adjusted the insect types accordingly.

He had a set fighting style.

Unlike other spirit qi professionals, Liu Jie did not have many feys. He only had the Insect Queen.

The slightest change to the Insect Queen could have untold impacts on Liu Jie.

Lin Yuan could only rely on himself to treat the Insect Queen, and he could not predict what kind of changes would occur as a result of his methods.

Whether this would be a blessing or a curse, it depended on Liu Jie’s fate!

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard something akin to a mirror-shattering sound.

Lin Yuan dashed at the evolving

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