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Chapter 507: Resolution to Die

The strange grunting amid the sounds of explosions sounded like a final wail.

But, this final wail was interlaced with undeniable desperation and madness.

The sound immediately gave Lin Yuan a bad feeling.

As the Blade Worms were war machines, the Blade Queen Bee produced, and under normal circumstances, they were purely produced for battle and did not have any emotions of their own.

However, the Blade Worms’ grunting now carried obvious emotions, indicating the Blade Queen Bee’s death.

The suppressed genetics inside of the Blade Worms would only be unlocked after the Blade Queen Bee’s death.

Lin Yuan summoned Genius and removed the mask Hu Quan had created before putting on the mask Genius transformed into.

Lin Yuan carefully scanned the surroundings.

The timing of the Blade Queen Bee’s death was too coincidental, for it coincided with the exact time that the 25 Diamond Blade Worms were struck.

Logic dictated that such an enormous succession of explosions must have killed the 25 Diamond Blade Worms.

Because the concurrence of the Blade Queen Bee’s death unlocked the Blade Worms’ genetics, an unknown number of Blade Worms could have survived the explosions.

After studying the surroundings while wearing the Genius mask, Lin Yuan did not learn anything.

This raised a problem—a carcinoma fey like the Blade Queen Bee that was skilled at hiding would definitely not have died in a random fashion.

This meant someone had murdered the Blade Queen Bee intentionally.

After the smoke dissipated, the Diamond Blade Worms had formed a pile the size of a small mountain.

The outer layer of the Diamond Blade Worms had been burnt to a crisp by the explosions.

At that moment, the small mountain of 25 Diamond Blade Worms started to shake.

Eight thorn-covered Blade Worms that resembled sea urchins emerged from the small mountain.

The thorns protruding from the Blade Worms showed that the explosions had injured those Blade Worms in spite of the protection they received from their comrades in front of them.

Using True Data, it was found that the eight Diamond Blade Worms were now Diamond V at best and Diamond II at worst.

Judging from the skin of thorns that covered the eight Blade Worms that managed to survive, Lin Yuan could see that the originally purplish-gray skin was now purplish-red.

The eight Blade Worms were in no rush to charge toward Lin Yuan’s group.

Instead, they bitterly grunted a distance away.

The Blade Queen Bee’s death doomed the rest of this colony of Blade Worms.

As the wails of despair persisted, the aura around the eight Blade Worms climbed.

Suddenly, a vigorous dimensional fluctuation started up a distance away.

The dimensional fluctuations were moving at high frequencies, which formed a whistle that sounded like a kettle boiling.

The whistle of the dimensional fluctuation resulted in a shift in expressi

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