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Chapter 525: Plan to Forge Iron Bucket Sister Can’t Fail!

Chu Ci suddenly thought about her evolved Silver Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.

Chu Ci was still uncertain when it came to instructing the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.

“Lin Yuan, my Obsidian Iron Wild Bull has evolved from Bronze to Silver. Master said that the Silver Obsidian Iron Wild Bull has decent abilities. But my senior in dueling class is always saying that its abilities are nothing special.”

Lin Yuan immediately caught the keyword in Chu Ci’s speech—Master.

The word Master and Teacher was extremely meaningful.

Chu Ci called everyone who taught at Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy as Teacher, but the word Master carried with it the intention of legacy. A Master could have many disciples, but a disciple could only have one Master in their lifetime.

Instead of answering Chu Ci’s question, Lin Yuan asked, “Chu Ci, when did you acquire a Master? Why haven’t you mentioned it to me?”

Although Chu Ci had grown up and was capable of making decisions like becoming someone’s disciple, it worried Lin Yuan that Chu Ci had completely failed to bring up this important development in her life to him.

Lin Yuan’s mind immediately went to her young age.

Could she have been cheated due to her lack of experience?

Chu Ci stuck her tongue out at Lin Yuan and said sheepishly, “My Master is Auntie Cold Moon! She said she wanted me to become her disciple. I feel that she looks at me the same way you do, and she feels like family too. I was planning on telling you over the phone the other night, but by the afternoon, I heard that you were sucked into the dimensional rift.”

When Lin Yuan heard that it was Cold Moon, his worries vanished.

It seemed that Cold Moon and Chu Ci had been getting along very well in those few months since Cold Moon had taken Chu Ci in as a disciple.

Lin Yuan did not ask for details and changed the topic because Chu Ci had brought up the dimensional rift. He did not want her to cry again.

Lin Yuan quickly replied, “Chu Ci, summon the Obsidian Wild Bull. Let me see what’s wrong with its abilities.”

If Cold Moon was willing to compliment the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s abilities, it was definitely not weak.

But Chu Ci’s senior had said during dueling class that its abilities were not special, which told Lin Yuan that there was an issue with ability combination.

Some feys needed some conditions to be met when they used their abilities.

Currently, Chu Ci was unable to fulfill those conditions during battle, and her opponents were of no help either.

This could be why Chu Ci was unable to use the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull’s Silver abilities during battle.

Chu Ci lifted her arm and summoned the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.

Lin Yuan carefully used True Data to scan the Obsidian Iron Wild Bull.

[Fey Name]: Obsidian Iron Wild Bull

[Fey Species]: Horned species/Bull species

[Fey Grade

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