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Chapter 508: Blooming Carnage

Liu Jie had already created eight Hurricane Owlet Moths.

“Big Brother Zhou made the right choice. We should head up first. If we encounter any danger, I’ll take care of it. We have to deliver you to the dimensional hub,” said Liu Jie to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan felt a heavy weight pressing down on his chest. He understood where Liu Jie was coming from, so Lin Yuan agreed with their decision.

Lin Yuan’s resolve to prevent the dimensional rift’s evolution was unwavering. He just felt that he was too weak to prevent such a disaster on his own.

Lin Yuan turned and said to Zhou Luo, “I want to give you something, Big Brother Zhou.”

Zhou Luo felt warmly validated when he heard Liu Jie and Lin Yuan address him in such a manner.

Zhou Luo doubtfully stretched out his hand to Lin Yuan.

What does he have for me?

When he saw what Lin Yuan had taken out, he immediately stretched out his other hand as well.

The heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls from Lin Yuan’s Spirit Lock spatial zone were in a pile.

Lin Yuan placed all the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls produced by the Scorching Elemental Shellfish and the Thick Earth Elemental Shellfish in Zhou Luo’s hands.

Since Lin Yuan had spent away the previous elemental pearls, the ones at hand were just the fruits of two days worth of production, which totaled about 100 pieces.

Most of the elemental pearls were earth-type. The fire-elemental pearls were the Twin Red Pagoda’s leftovers, and there were only a small number of them.

Zhou Luo’s Lava Dragon Lizard was a fire- and earth-type fey. Its exclusive skill, Elemental Release, could imbue shields with elemental power.

These heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls could effectively supplement the Lava Dragon Lizard’s exclusive skill.

Using the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls to replenish elemental energy was a huge waste, but these 100 elemental pearls could significantly raise the Lava Dragon Lizard’s fighting power.

Time was tight. Lin Yuan and Liu Jie continued following the four Hurricane Owlet Moths toward the dimensional hub after giving Zhou Luo the elemental pearls.

Zhou Luo looked at the 100 heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls in his hands, and he could feel the immense elemental energy they encompassed.

A spark of hope for survival bloomed in spite of Zhou Luo’s resolution for death.

In order for the spark to erupt into a flame, he needed to brush against death and do all he could to finish off the eight Diamond Blade Worms.

Zhou Luo patted the Lava Dragon Lizard’s two necks, an action he had performed countless times in the past to the point that it came as natural to him as breathing.

“Old buddy, it’s time for us to fight alongside one another again. Let us two lazy bums show off what we can do,” he murmured to the Lava Dragon Lizard.

The Lava Dragon Lizard released the ability Lizard Roar.

The bones on the Lava

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