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Chapter 500: Enemies Like Construction Association’s Support Staff

The gazes of every spirit qi professional who had been stung by the purplish-gray bee became calm.

However, the contracted feys of these spirit qi professionals looked as though they were under psychic torture. They were thrashing about violently.

The purplish-gray poisonous bee’s stinger injected the eye of each person present.

Including the tall man, a total of 51 spirit qi professionals and 72 feys instantly stopped breathing.

Shortly after, a bone-chilling chewing noise sounded from the feys’ bodies.

A blade-covered worm emerged from the bodies of each and every fey. The worms devoured the host fey they grew out, and their bodies rapidly increased in size.

Approximately 25 of the worms grew to about 5 meters.

The blades that jutted out of all over their bodies were razor sharp.

The remaining 47 worms grew to about 3 meters, but the blades that covered their bodies were just as bountiful in quantity.

However, the blades that covered the 47 worms were not as sharp as those on the bodies of the 5-meter worms.

Everything on site was guzzled up in a flash, leaving only the gray-haired man and the 72 large blade-covered worms.

The gray-haired man extended his arm, and the purplish-gray poisonous bee landed on it.

It was cleaning its stinger with its mouth.

The gray-haired man muttered to himself, “The Blade Queen Bee’s first batch of eggs is of such low quality. What a waste! But, these Blade Worms’ battle prowess is much higher than that crowd. These 25 Diamond Blade Worms and 47 Gold Blade Worms should be able to complete Lord Seventh Page War’s decree!”

The gray-haired man waved his arm and dispatched all the Blade Worms.

He turned and walked to the stronghold in the distance.

Inside the stronghold were seven enormous long-dead feys that had clearly been pumped full of a premium preservative.

They had begun mummifying, but no decomposition existed.

The gray-haired man whispered to the Blade Queen Bee, “Eat these seven feys.”

The Blade Queen Bee was slightly against the idea, but it still stung each of the dead feys.

Soon, the Blade Queen Bee started consuming the enormous feys’ liquefied flesh.

The gray-haired man stood nearby with his eyes closed. He seemed to be doing mental calculations.

When he felt the Blade Queen Bee land on his palm, the gray-haired man closed his palm and crushed it without hesitation.

“Apologies, Lord Seventh Page War! I killed the Blade Queen Bee you entrusted to me, but it had to be done so I can better complete your decree,” he murmured.

The gray-haired man plucked a greyish purple crystal from the mangled remnants of the Blade Queen Bee.

He then wiped the Blade Queen Bee’s carcass on a wall, repeating the wiping motion multiple times.

“The Blade Queen Bee ate the seven Diamond/Fantasy Breed feys, and the crystallized venom stored in its body

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