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Chapter 490: The Cold Moon in the Sky

When a dimensional rift evolved, it was equivalent to sealing off the original dimensional space. This formed an independent spatial environment that was constantly ripping and expanding.

Even if the Mother of Bloodbath exerted all of its strength, it would not be able to tear open a dimensional rift that was in the process of evolving.

Moreover, even if someone had the ability to tear such a dimensional rift open, the Mother of Bloodbath would desperately rush to stop that person.

If a dimensional rift was torn open during the process of evolution, then its internal spatial energy would dissolve into chaos and collapse.

At that time, Lin Yuan would be ripped into pieces, destined to have no chance of survival.

Now, the Mother of Bloodbath held Lin Yuan’s Ethereal Jellyfish in its arms; they were the only thing with which it could determine Lin Yuan’s life and death.

Although the Mother of Bloodbath had suppressed its panic, the self-reproach written on its face was unabated.

It took to the air directly and returned to the deserted island, taking out the cell phone that it had previously received from Lin Yuan.

Despite being a Myth Breed fey, the hand with which the Mother of Bloodbath held Lin Yuan’s cell phone still trembled.

It had been alive for a long time. Yet, all the traces previously left by life paled in comparison to those left in this half a year.

Scenes of the times it had spent with Lin Yuan, from their very first meeting, flashed in its mind.

It would not abandon him now!

In the end, its entire life was integrated into the Return from Faraway mansion. The mansion had long been regarded by the Mother of Bloodbath as its home.

Spider feys had always been cruel, but once these cold-blooded feys were certain about something, they tended to be more sincere.

The Mother of Bloodbath forced itself not to let its thoughts wander any longer and lowered its head. Its eyes rested on the cell phone in its hands.

It took a deep breath and dialed a number on Lin Yuan’s cell phone.

It understood that it could not do anything now.

However, that person might have had some idea.

At Leaning Moon Mountain, where gulls and herons circled as butterflies fluttered…

The Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia gave off an elegant osmanthus fragrance, which permeated the air in front of the Radiant Moon Palace.

Today, there was something different about the Radiant Moon Palace—four tea attendants stood at its entrance.

Although their expressions were unusually serious, they revealed a hint of expectation.

Mystic Moon was standing beside the table with a jade pumpkin teapot in his hand within the inner palace.

His gaze was on the Moon Shadow Walkway within the inner palace.

The walkway led inwards to the Moon Empress’ bedchamber.

At this time, all of the Suzerain lotus flower feys in the inner palace’s lotus pond spouted ha

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