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Chapter 491: Day Ends, Blood-Tinted Moon

The Moon Empress was listening to the voice on the other end of the call when she heard the Mother of Bloodbath say that Lin Yuan had been sucked into a Class 3 dimensional rift outside of Indigo Azure City.

Moreover, it was not known what had gone wrong with this dimensional rift that even allowed it to evolve.

A smile suddenly blossomed on the Moon Empress’ originally emotionless face.

This smile was like an epiphyllum flower, bringing an instant of vividness.

Just as the Moon Empress smiled, the bright moon that had replaced the scorching sun and shed cold moonlight was abruptly stained with blood.

As the moon became tinted, its initial coldness transformed into murderous intent boiling in the horizon.

At that moment, within the Radiance Federation, the pupils of the experts looking at the horizon constricted at the same time.

As for the numerous ordinary people gazing at the sky, dust-laden memories were suddenly uncovered.

One day, ten years ago, a blood-stained moon had also hung in the sky from dusk to dawn.

Mystic Moon noticed that the Moon Empress’ expression revealed her shock.

Within her heart, the Moon Empress’ murderous intent and worry for the Young Lord were so thick that she laughed in her fury.

Yet, Mystic Moon’s own rage and worry were just as intense as the Moon Empress’.

Although Lin Yuan was the Moon Empress’ disciple and did not share blood ties with her, their master-disciple relationship meant that he could be considered her only heir.

Naturally, the Moon Empress regarded him as a treasure.

While she always displayed her might in her actions, she would also carefully consider how the most minute of details might affect the Young Lord’s feelings.

Even if Mystic Moon was not as meticulous as the Moon Empress in his treatment of Lin Yuan, just the sound of Lin Yuan calling him ‘Uncle Mystic’ was enough for Mystic Moon to also treat Lin Yuan as his only descendant.

It was just that the more Mystic Moon cared for Lin Yuan, the more he worried now.

When a dimensional rift was evolving, even if the Moon Empress had now reached that level, she could only destroy it. She still could not change the truth of this world’s spatial dimension laws or tear the dimensional rift open to save the Young Lord within it.

It could be said that the only chance of surviving after being sucked into a dimensional rift was to safely spend a period of time inside.

Only when the dimensional rift had evolved and was reopened did the people inside have an opportunity to escape it.

Upon seeing that the Moon Empress had hung up the phone, Mystic Moon immediately asked,

“Moon Empress, in the process of denying its evolution, the Class 3 water world dimensional rift that was originally controlled will recover its initial peak strength of Class 3. The Young Lord—”

Before Mystic Moon could finish his sentence, the Moon Empress

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