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Chapter 492: The Rekindled Radiant Flame

The Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer were standing firmly at the entrance of this evolving dimensional rift.

After hanging up on the phone, the Mother of Bloodbath looked at the blood moon and pursed its lips. The thought of becoming strong in its mind had never been as strong as it was at this moment because it could only protect better when it was strong enough. At the same time, the Mother of Bloodbath understood that as a Path Protector, it must always be vigilant.

Listen, who was standing beside the Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer, was looking at the evolving dimensional rift’s entrance with obvious concern on his face.

While he had sworn with the Willpower Rune to become Lin Yuan’s servant, he had also regarded his life as a bargaining chip for allegiance and as part of the oath.

In this case, Lin Yuan wouldn’t be affected if Listen died. At most, Lin Yuan would have only lost a servant, but it would be completely different if Lin Yuan died. Listen would also die.

However, Listen’s concern was not just for himself. Rather, he sincerely hoped that Lin Yuan, the youth who had saved him and given him a new lease of life, could get through it and survive.

An opening suddenly formed in the water world dimensional rift. Three figures, a huge two-headed lizard, and a strange plant were spat out.

After being spat out, Lin Yuan immediately looked at the surroundings. After a clear look at the surroundings, he subconsciously let the amber-button-shaped Source Sand at his sleeve turn into a wisp of fine sand and burrow in the rock layer beneath his feet. But immediately after, he furrowed even more.

When Liu Jie had pulled out the last Floating Silver Strand, and the entrance to the dimensional rift appeared abruptly, even though it was too late for Lin Yuan to do anything, he was quick-witted.

He knew that the 500 Spatial Magnets and so many Floating Silver Strands had been invested in hiding the dimensional rift that had suddenly appeared.

Someone had secretly set up the entrance of the dimensional rift. The fact that the entrance was in the sea showed that this dimensional rift that had suddenly appeared was a water world dimensional rift.

However, the surroundings now left Lin Yuan in disbelief. It was very humid inside the water world dimensional rift, and the air was filled with a lot of salty water vapor, but it was not a world completely submerged in the water.

As far as the eye could see, there was not even a single water world dimensional lifeform in the surrounding. Without the seawater, it would even be a challenge for such soft-bodied lifeforms that mostly had tentacles, like the water world dimensional lifeforms, to move.

In this environment without water, the high-grade water world dimensional lifeforms might be able to rely on a large amount of water vapor in the air to create a small water region to survive. However,

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