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Chapter 501: Promotion of Quality of Source Sand

Although its spiritual power was restored by Lin Yuan, the ability of the Insect Queen’s body to produce insect protein could not only rely on the Protein Silkworm Chrysalises.

It also needed nutrients that could be absorbed from meat, blood, and even bones.

Lin Yuan had originally planned to continue channeling more spiritual power into its body.

However, because the Insect Queen’s body greatly lacked the energy that could not be obtained from the Protein Silkworm Chrysalises, it had to stop the continued production of insect-species fey.

These colossal Diamond Giant Cattle, along with a group of high-grade, non-combat-class fey, would let the Insect Queen and the imperial insect swarm enjoy a good meal.

Yet, immediately after, Liu Jie abruptly came to his senses and frowned.

Based on the 400 simplified Hurricane Owlet Moths that he had previously sent, it appeared that the oncoming enemies were some of the weakest feys that he had ever detected.

There was only one possibility when such an enemy appeared, which was that the enemy would attempt to stall for time.

The other party would send these logistics personnel out to fight, which was tantamount to tempting fate.

Such behavior was enough to demonstrate the enemy’s determination to fight to the death.

Lin Yuan saw that Liu Jie’s expression was still changing and quickly asked, “Big Brother Liu, how is the situation?”

Liu Jie hurriedly told Lin Yuan and Zhou Luo about the situation that he had personally witnessed.

Then, Liu Jie proceeded to share his opinion on the matter.

“I plan to treat the enemy’s contracted feys as the Insect Queen’s nutritional base, providing it with the nutrients to continue producing insects.

“If not, as there isn’t enough high-grade fey flesh now, the insects produced by the Insect Queen would not have shells with sufficient strength.”

As he spoke, Liu Jie scratched his head in embarrassment.

He felt that he had been negligent as he had not expected that such a situation would arise upon his arrival in Indigo Azure City.

Under normal circumstances, besides preparing Protein Silkworm Chrysalises that would help the Insect Queen restore insect protein in the Diamond fey storage box, Liu Jie would also prepare some high-grade fey flesh for it.

Although this time was no exception, there was not enough flesh of high-grade dimensional lifeforms to sustain the production of so many insects.

This time, Liu Jie understood that in the future, there had to be at least five times or even ten times more Protein Silkworm Chrysalises and high-grade fey flesh in his Diamond fey storage box.

Only then could various dangerous situations be faced.

There would never again be a situation like the present one,when there was insufficient high-grade fey flesh.

The main reason that such a circumstance had occurred was Liu Jie’s failure to consider th

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