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Chapter 493: Blanket Search

The glowing flames started as subdued embers in the humid air.

However, once Lin Yuan spoke, Liu Jie’s hesitant expression vanished. The brilliant glowing flames illuminated his eyes.

As a member of the Radiance Hundred, he was definitely going to put all his attention toward preventing the possible disaster from occurring outside Indigo Azure City.

But, he was also Lin Yuan’s retainer knight.

Liu Jie had long since dedicated himself to Lin Yuan, and every decision Liu Jie made received Lin Yuan’s stamp of approval.

Liu Jie’s undying faith stoked the already radiant light in his eyes.

When Zhou Luo heard Lin Yuan’s opinion, he mentally started to prepare for battle.

The resolution in Lin Yuan’s eyes spurred Zhou Luo on.

The dim flame was but a small bright spot. It took seed in the corner of Zhou Luo’s heart.

The longer he observed the surroundings, the more Lin Yuan felt that stopping the Class 3 water world’s evolution was going to be challenging.

The way Lin Yuan saw it, the largest obstacle was locating the dimensional hub connected to the dimensional rift.

Unfortunately, the Ethereal Jellyfish had not been sucked into the dimensional rift.

Liu Jie and Zhou Luo were not attuned to sensing spatial-type source lifeforms that could cause spatial fluctuations.

Thus, they had to go back to basics and start combing the area.

Liu Jie’s Insect Queen’s flying insects were the most suitable to conduct the search.

“Big Brother Liu, you take charge of the search. We have to find the dimensional hub’s location,” said Lin Yuan to Liu Jie.

Liu Jie started to pump spirit qi toward the Insect Queen, which had already transformed into an insect colony.

With Liu Jie injecting such a large amount of spirit qi into it, the Insect Queen’s valves inflated instantly.

The enormous amount of liquified energy surged through the valves quickly. The high-intensity vibrations changed the liquefied energy into sticky insect protein.

The insect protein was continuously produced and recirculated back into the Insect Queen’s body through the valves.

The vigorous vibrations caused the Insect Queen’s three-meter-tall insect colony to expand.

The entrance of the colony proceeded to spit out almost 200 Hurricane Owlet Moths.

Lin Yuan noticed that these 200 Hurricane Owlet Moths were different from the Hurricane Owlet Moths he saw the Insect Queen produce in the past.

They no longer had as strong of a wind energy fluctuation around their bodies.

These Hurricane Owlet Moths are probably the product of Liu Jie trying to conserve his and the Insect Queen’s spiritual power. He merely cloned a portion of the Hurricane Owlet Moth’s genetic model and created a different output.

These new Hurricane Owlet Moths flew into the sky in all directions.

Using Liu Jie’s current position as the base, the Hurricane Owlet Moths could act as his eyes in the dimens

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