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Chapter 502: Gentleness Deserving of Death

When a fey’s mobility was strong enough, it could run as much as it liked, even in churning quicksand.

It was just that the Giant Cattle were far too heavy, so they could only ensure that their heads did not sink under the quicksand during the struggle.

In the meantime, their entire bodies were submerged in the quicksand, save for a small part of their backs.

Even so, no matter how much Lin Yuan made the Source Sand drag the Giant Cattle downward, they could still move in the quicksand using their own strength.

The only difference was that the speed at which the Giant Cattle moved was really as slow as that of an old cow pulling a cart.

Seeing the situation, Lin Yuan immediately let the Source Sand use its exclusive skill of Gravel Spirit Acceptance, which was equivalent to the combat power of the Platinum III/Elite Heart-Penetrating Ironline, to kill the Diamond Giant Cattle.

However, at that very moment, Lin Yuan somewhat helplessly realized that even if the Source Sand’s Gravel Spirit Acceptance could penetrate the Giant Cattle’s body, it would only penetrate half a meter of flesh.

This was not enough to fatally wound the 15-meter-long Giant Cattle.

After such effort, Lin Yuan finally understood the bitterness of a mosquito in the summer.

Some people with thick hair or rough skin were akin to a nightmarish blow to the hungry mosquito.

After a hard night’s work, not only would it be unable to suck even a drop of blood, its bloodsucking needle would also be blocked by dander.

However, Lin Yuan did not believe in evil and continued to direct the Heart-Penetrating Ironline towards the Giant Cattle’s weakest spot.

Yet, the Giant Cattle actually clamped its tail tightly between its legs, completely protecting its fragile place.

Lin Yuan curled his lips and took a few Heart-Penetrating Ironlines of greater strength than Platinum III/Elite out his leaf-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

After a simple test, he directly replaced the Gravel Spirit Acceptance’s previous Platinum III/Elite Heart-Penetrating Ironline with a Platinum V/Flawless one.

The needle on this mosquito’s mouth was directly upgraded, although only by two small grades.

Nevertheless, the quality was also upgraded by one level.

The Platinum V/Flawless Heart-Penetrating Ironline was already able to completely penetrate the Giant Cattle’s body and wander within it. The Heart-Penetrating Ironline then did its job of piercing the Giant Cattle’s heart.

For a moment, each of the Giant Cattle appeared to be suffering tremendous pain in all four hooves.

They all emitted one last sound before they ceased to struggle, taking the spirit qi professionals on their backs down into the quicksand with them.

This scene only served to inspire horror in Liu Jie and Zhou Luo.

Lin Yuan’s sea of sand was not as simple as it looked on the surface. There was clearly an entire cosmo

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