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Chapter 494: Is Master Powerful?

While Liu Jie was using the Hurricane Owlet Moths to conduct surveillance, Lin Yuan was overexerting himself by drawing out massive amounts of spiritual power from his body.

He was activating the Source Sand that was underwater so that it could smash the rocks and generate tiny sand grains.

Lin Yuan stomped his feet and sighed.

The hardness of the underwater rocks in the dimensional rift is really no joke. It greatly surpasses that of the purple and black soil in the abyss dimensional rift.

Back in the controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift, Lin Yuan had sent the Source Sand to dive 100 meters and tunnel through the deep sediments so as to preserve the generated gravel’s durability.

Unexpectedly, at 10 meters underwater, the rate at which the Source Sand was smashing the rocks was much slower.

It was extremely difficult for the Source Sand to generate gravel in such an environment.

Although some better results could be obtained through the use of ferromanganese plating, it was still far below Lin Yuan’s expectations.

Finally, Lin Yuan calculated the odds and decided to limit the Source Sand to a depth of one or two meters.

The deeper the water, the harder the rocks became.

If the Source Sand only generated gravel at a depth of only one or two meters, it would be able to almost keep up with Lin Yuan’s expectations.

Nonetheless, the Source Sand was generating a significantly greater amount of gravel than was ever expected of it by Lin Yuan in battle.

Lin Yuan’s spiritual power was being depleted three times faster than before.

Even if Blackie continuously injected spiritual power into him, Lin Yuan could feel that his well of spiritual energy was close to running dry.

After all, Lin Yuan was only a C-rank spirit qi professional.

When Liu Jie opened his eyes, Lin Yuan hastily asked him, “Big Brother Liu, what did the Hurricane Owlet Moths discover?”

Liu Jie’s expression clearly warned that he was about to unleash bad news.

“I’ve discovered the dimensional hub’s location. I also found evidence of life in this zone,” said Liu Je solemnly.

Lin Yuan’s expression flattened as well. Yet, he plastered on a smile and said, “That’s good news. We’re now three hours ahead of our initial schedule.” Lin Yuan paused for a moment before continuing. “Big Brother Liu, please send out two more Hurricane Owlet Moths. They are to slowly fly toward where the dimensional hub is.”

Liu Jie was stunned by Lin Yuan’s request, but he did what was asked of him.

Without hesitation, Lin Yuan activated the Spirit Qi Imprint, which had been accumulating spirit qi all this time.

The moment the Spirit Qi Imprint was set off, the Spirit Qi Imprint markings on Blackie lit up.

To both Liu Jie and Zhou Luo’s astonishment, a tsunami of spiritual power exploded from Lin Yuan’s body.

Lin Yuan directed the spiritual power which had burst forth from him into

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