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Chapter 496: Really Too Strong!

An unbelievable look sprang up on the short-haired woman’s face. The beautiful flower in her hand was now left with only a short stem and root.


The mocking expression in the eyes of Seventh Page War was revealed at this moment.

“A sacred source lifeform, the Absolute Love Poppy.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a sacred source lifeform like this that can manipulate the soul of its kind. What a good thing.”

Just as Seventh Page War was speaking, the golden chariot underneath had disappeared. She stood in the air as she looked disdainfully at everything under her feet.

“It’s really interesting that the Dark Envoy, who the Seven States of Darkness jointly elected, is actually an expert who plays with emotions from the soul level.

“The Dark Continent has now become a cornerstone under Tower Canon. I have no time to take care of you, but you have taken the initiative to come.

“You’ve delayed my important business through your obstruction. You’re guilty of a very serious offense.

“As much as you’ve wasted one of my sacred source lifeforms, I’ll make all of you into wax figures and slowly repent under the Cleansing Spring.”

Seventh Page War frowned slightly.I didn’t expect that someone would discover my arrangements within the Radiance Federation.

But no matter who you are, it’s difficult for you to take this sacred source lifeform.

The Radiance Federation will have to accept the big gift with a bargaining chip that I’ve prepared.

However, Seventh Page War took her anger from all the loss out on this old man and woman in front of her. The short-haired woman still had an unbelievable look on her face.

“You have been charmed by the Absolute Love Poppy. Even if you’re stronger than me, I can feel it in advance if you break free from it!”

Seventh Page War was furious and lost interest in talking with this short-haired woman.

“How have I ever been charmed? I’m not the same as you.”

Just as Seventh Page War said that, she was surrounded by golden light and turned into a golden thorn apple.

The short-haired woman cried out in horror, “You’re actually not a human! You’re a plant-type fey!”

Just as Seventh Page War regained its original body, the old man on the Creation Breed Nether Sea Jellyfish’s tentacles summoned a small silver tuna-like fish on the spot. Then, the Nether Sea Jellyfish started to burn up like a dead tree.

Upon sensing the old man’s action, two golden petal lights shot out of the leaves of the golden thorn apple that Seventh Page War had transformed into. The two petal lights seemed to contain the grandeur of war.

The old man disregarded the safety of the Nether Sea Jellyfish, which had a large part of its tentacles still underwater, and let it wrap him with its black silk-like tentacles before using its huge body to go toward the two golden petal lights.

At that moment, the small silver tuna-like fish

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