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Chapter 504: Really Too Short!

Mystic Moon turned and walked out from behind the curtain of moonlight, thinking about how he should inform Cold Moon about the situation.

It was truly anxiety-inducing to have to relay bad news.

Just after he stepped out, the Mother of Bloodbath, standing cloaked in rich moonlight, immediately came forward and asked urgently, “Lin Yuan—”

Before it could finish its sentence, Mystic Moon raised his eyes to gaze upon it and said, “You did not fulfill your duty as the Path Protector and betrayed the Moon Empress’ trust.”

Mystic Moon’s words cut into the Mother of Bloodblath’s arachnid heart like a knife.

To begin with, worry had been written on its face, but upon hearing Mystic Moon’s words, the Mother of Bloodbath turned pale as a sheet.

Ignoring its reaction, Mystic Moon continued as he walked past the Mother of Bloodbath, “You also betrayed Lin Yuan’s trust.”

If his previous words had been a knife, then what he said now was a hammer, slamming repeatedly into the Mother of Bloodbath’s heart.

Endless Summer quickly extended a hand to hold the Mother of Bloodbath and give her a little strength.

Upon hearing Mystic Moon’s words, Endless Summer’s heart was like the Mother of Bloodbath’s. Such was the empathy it felt towards the Mother of Bloodbath.

Although Endless Summer was not Lin Yuan’s Path Protector, it was still his Protector and had the duty of protecting him.

While Mystic Moon’s words had been spoken to the Mother of Bloodbath, they had also been directed to Endless Summer.

As Mystic Moon’s figure appeared through the rich moonlight, some of the experts in front who had been bowing before now raised their heads slightly.

The two Guard Envoys in the first line hurriedly went up to him and asked, “Mystic Moon, how did the Moon Empress make arrangements here?”

They felt great anxiety in their hearts, as they had come to Indigo Azure City for a mission, but they had been met with many ups and downs.

Initially, they had come to the deserted island to investigate the energy fluctuations in the experts’ battle, but they had then accidentally run into the Moon Empress’ disciple.

Now, the Moon Empress had personally arrived at the deserted island.

In hindsight, the problem had probably arisen with the little ancestor who had been unwilling to even address the two as ‘Seniors’.

If they had known earlier that such a situation would arise, the two would not have left the deserted island so hurriedly. Instead, they would have stayed behind on it.

Now, a controlled Class 3 water world dimensional rift had unexpectedly appeared in the sea region near Indigo Azure City.

Moreover, the main thing was that this dimensional rift was still evolving.

This was a matter of heavenly importance!

Even though the two Guard Envoys were used to witnessing great upheavals and changes, they still did not know how to handle the current situation.

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