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Chapter 495: Do You Love Me, Seventh-chan?

A gold war chariot drove along the clear sky above the coast.

The golden ripples in the sky glittered like a golden ocean, brighter than the boundless seas that reflected off it below.

The golden sky was laced with the radiance of victory. It was as though the golden expanse of the sky was crying out with the triumph of war.

Two golden metal warhorses trotted with their heads held high, giving the golden war chariot a devastatingly regal aura of power.

A girl with golden tresses, a ramrod straight posture, and golden eyes perched atop the chariot with a blank expression.

She left austerity and astringence in her wake.

Suddenly, several water vortexes erupted from the ocean and shot up toward the chariot.

Although the ocean was obviously blue, the gigantic water vortexes were black.

The inky black water vortexes engulfed the sky and threatened to destroy the golden field that was the sky.

A shallow glow glimmered in the manes of the warhorses pulling the chariot.

The shallow glow formed a barrier, preventing the obsidian water vortexes from breaching it.

When they were unable to break through the golden barrier, the black water vortexes immediately turned into chains.

The chains confined both the war chariot and the emotionless girl in an instant.

The golden-eyed girl’s lips curled into a playful smile that carried hints of contempt.

Pity was visible in those golden orbs of hers.

“Thou has been laying in wait for some time.”

When the last word fell from the golden-eyed girl’s lips, massive black tentacles floated out of the water.

The inky black tentacles gleamed with a shadowy glow, and they looked extremely smooth.

The black tentacles soon blanketed the azure surface of the ocean.

A withered elderly man stood on one of the black tentacles with a short-haired young woman by his side.

The old man was positioned a step behind the short-haired woman, and he looked at her with respect and affection.

The short-haired woman’s eyes were fixed on the golden girl. Her originally black pupils suddenly surged with bloodthirst and turned dark red.

From the short-haired woman’s gaze, one could tell that she bitterly resented the golden girl on the war chariot.

The elderly man lifted his head and looked at the golden girl in the sky.

The elderly man hissed. “Seventh Page War, you have to pay for your deeds in the Dark Continent.”

The golden girl’s voice dripped with pity and derision as she replied, “You want me to pay? Just because of the Nether Sea Jellyfish underneath your feet?”

The coast started to undulate.

A gargantuan black jellyfish adorned with purple light emerged from the water.

The hood on top of it seemed to swallow up the entire shore.

The Nether Sea Jellyfish compressed the water near the shore into a black droplet and launched it at the airborne golden war chariot.

As the blac

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