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Chapter 499: Evolving to Class 5

The gray-haired man humbly walked over to the thorn apple and fell to his knees.

The glimmer that was in the gray eyes had disappeared, leaving only sincerity.

“Tower Canon, Tower of War, Battlefield Division’s Ashes Team. Hunting-Ashes greets Lord Seventh Page War. I’m willing to sacrifice my unworthy life to carry out your decree.”

The gray-haired man dipped his head and kowtowed before the thorn apple. He reached out and plucked the golden lush thorn apple from the ground, holding it gingerly.

He threw the golden thorn apple into the evolving Class 3 dimensional rift.

With the energy of the dimensional hub, the golden thorn apple started to slowly wither.

The wilting golden thorn apple released a large burst of energy, pushing the dimensional hub’s spatial energy up a level.

This resulted in the evolving dimensional rift to open and widen by three times.

Four pieces of source-type items immediately fell from the ripped-open dimensional rift.

When the decay of the thorn apple reached the flower core, more energy was released.

The recently evolved water world dimensional rift instantly began to evolve toward Class 5.

At that moment, the gray-haired man caught sight of the tall, dark green-haired man he had dispatched, leading about 50 people toward him.

The gray-haired man fished out a small palm-sized plate. It was carved with intricate and complex golden patterns.

The plate shook, and a large purplish-gray egg appeared in the man’s hand.

The people behind the tall man looked intensely troubled.

However, the tall man was as deadpan as ever, his eyes completely devoid of life.

It seemed as though he knew what was coming.

A dark-skinned man emerged from the crowd and asked the gray-haired man, “Lord Hunting-Ashes, we might not have been in a dead-end if someone had discovered us being sucked into the dimensional rift here. But since you evolved the dimensional rift, you’ve essentially locked the dimensional rift. Now we—”

The dark-skinned man did not even manage to finish speaking as one look from the gray-haired man made him shut up.

The dark-skinned man’s chest tightened, and he felt as though a layer of dust had settled over his heart. The pressure was indescribable.

“Where do you want to go if we don’t seal this up?” enquired the gray-haired man.

The dark-skinned man’s face tensed. The way he looked at the gray-haired man displayed much less obedience than the tall man.

“Of course we need to stay here to continue doing as Lord Chanter Crow says.”

At the mention of Chanter Crow, disgust flashed across the gray-haired man’s face.

“The crow wanted you to stay here to maintain the dimensional rift’s regular functionality and the covert operations outside of the dimensional rift. Is it done? If someone barges in, it’ll be your responsibility to become guardians.”

A dark green-haired girl frowned. Her tone lack

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