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Chapter 505: The Art of Explosions

Lin Yuan dared not to look down on the Blade Worms.

The Blade Queen Bee was a carcinoma fey that the Spirit Guards had documented.

The Blade Queen Bee had the greatest destructive capabilities of all the carcinoma feys documented by the Spirit Guards.

Although it did not have strong fighting abilities of its own, it had a psychotoxin that allowed it to smoothly produce eggs, as well as a stinger that could penetrate almost anything.

Every Blade Worm birthed by the Blade Queen Bee was a lethal weapon. The Blade Worms lived to fight and kill until they were incapacitated. Thus, they had to give this battle their all.

However, the thought of the imminent challenge delighted Lin Yuan.

The situation could only be described as good news.

This was the water world dimensional rift, and the Blade Queen Bee needed enough fresh feys to produce Blade Worms.

After producing the eggs, the psychotoxin the Blade Queen Bee injected into the target would homogenize with the psychotoxins on the Blade Worms’ eggshells.

The psychotoxin would immediately turn into a deadly psychotoxin.

It was a defense mechanism that ensured the Blade Worms’ eggshells would break after the host died.

Because of the two toxins’ effects, the newly hatched Blade Worms would make short work of devouring the target’s brain.

Despite the death of the host, their memory would remain intact. The Blade Worms would steal the host’s fighting experience and skills that were encoded in the brain.

Hence, when the Blade Worms matured, they would automatically turn into capable war machines.

This was also why the support fey that had run to their deaths did not turn into Blade Worms.

After eating brains, the freshly hatched Blade Worms would tunnel upward to the surface of the target’s body to breathe their first breath of air.

Then, they would move on to feast on the host’s organs, flesh, and bones.

When the Blade Worms were done absorbing the energy in the host’s body, they would align their grade and quality to that of the host.

However, high-grade water world dimensional lifeforms decayed swiftly after death.

There was not enough time for the Blade Worms to feed. That’s why there weren’t many Blade Worms initially.

As long as there was a dependable energy source, the Blade Queen Bee would birth a batch of eggs in about 48 hours.

Even if the Blade Queen Bee’s production rate was slow, it would still be at least 10 or even 100 times faster than normal feys.

There did not seem to be enough ingredients available in the area for the Blade Queen Bee to begin producing eggs.

Otherwise, Lin Yuan’s side would lose for sure.

Lin Yuan had already used True Data to check on the Blade Worms’ quantity and grade.

When he was done, he let out a thunderous yell. “25 Diamond Blade Worms and 47 Platinum Blade Worms. Big Brother Liu, don’t send the recharging Lightning Gatherin

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