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Chapter 544: Lin Yuan Who Was Kicked Out

Just when Lin Yuan was about to transfer the 400,000 Radiance dollars, the blue-robed man said, “The Aquarium of Bliss’ private territory only receives ten customers at a time. You are the 27th customer in line, so you need to wait a while.”

Lin Yuan did not hurry to pay the 400,000 Radiance dollars upon hearing this.

He looked at the time.

Lin Yuan found that there were only 40 minutes left before the group welfare auction at 10 o’clock and asked, “How long do I need to wait?”

The blue-robed man widened his eyes, feeling as though he was trying to see through the young man’s strange mask.

The man thought, How could you still have an urgent matter when you come to our Aquarium of Bliss to trade?

No matter what excuse this kid gives, as long as he doesn’t buy two high-end Immortal Bliss tablets, he is playing me.

Asking this and that, I’ve been talking for half a day already!

The blue-robed man decided that as long as the young man wearing a mask did not pay, he would kick the latter out.

The man said with a fake smile on his face,

“Two hours at least.

“A two-hour waiting time is already very short. Unlucky people who come in the afternoon sometimes have to wait till the next morning.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuan knew that he could not buy the tablets then, so he said, “I have something on later. Since I need to wait two hours, I’ll come back after I’m done buying the two—”

Lin Yuan found that Star Web had directly sent him back to the Purchase With No Loss store before he could finish his sentence.

According to the notification, the blue-robed man had suddenly kicked him out of the Aquarium of Bliss.

Moreover, he had been blacklisted and could never enter it again!

Lin Yuan could not stand this!

Even with his good temper, Lin Yuan could not help but feel rather annoyed at that moment.

The veteran faction Aquarium of Bliss was being too overbearing.

Was it not afraid of suffering losses?

Previously, Lin Yuan and the Aquarium of Bliss had had nothing to do with each other.

However, it had now been added to Lin Yuan’s invisible blacklist.

Since the blue-robed man had kicked him out of the Aquarium of Bliss’ private territory, Lin Yuan had no other choice but to issue a trade message on his Purchase With No Loss store.

Although Angelfish of Bliss lived in both seawater and freshwater, these aquatic feys appeared more frequently in the ocean.

Presumably, there must have been a rich and powerful family like the Gao family striving to develop marine resources in the sea.

After all, the Gao family was the top faction when it came to trading Elemental Shellfish and Floating Island Whales.

New Year’s was only a few days away, so Lin Yuan did not want to bother Gao Feng at this time.

If not, Lin Yuan would have settled this matter by giving Gao Feng a phone call.

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