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Chapter 527: The Warmth in the Years

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Lin Yuan instinctively touched his pocket.

This was when he realized that his clothes had been changed an unknown amount of time ago.

Instead of his original moon-white spirit qi clothes, he was now wearing moon-white lounge clothes similar to what he and the Moon Empress wore on a daily basis.

Lin Yuan was about to look for his phone when he suddenly remembered the Mother of Bloodbath had taken his phone before he was sucked into the dimensional rift.

Lin Yuan hurriedly turned to Chu Ci and asked, “Chu Ci, lend me your phone. I need to make a call.”

When Chu Ci saw the look of worry on Lin Yuan’s face, she quickly handed him her phone.

Seeing how worried he is, could something urgent have happened?

Before he had lost consciousness, Lin Yuan had treated Liu Jie’s injuries, but Lin Yuan was unsure if Liu Jie’s mental state had been affected by the purplish-gray poison.

During the seven days that he had been in a coma, the Insect Queen’s transformation must be almost completed.

Lin Yuan was also rather concerned about Zhou Luo.

However, Zhou Luo’s life was not in danger.

Since Zhou Luo had taken an oath to Lin Yuan under the Willpower Rune, Lin Yuan was certain that Zhou Luo was still alive.

Lin Yuan received Chu Ci’s phone and was about to call when he realized that Chu Ci did not have Liu Jie’s number.

Lin Yuan did not have the habit of memorizing phone numbers, so he circulated his spiritual energy to summon Genius.

Lin Yuan asked Genius, “Genius, what’s Big Brother Liu’s phone number?”

Genius had evolved into the Thousand Questions Beast and was not what it used to be.

Not only had it retained all its abilities as a housekeeping beast, but it was also even stronger now.

Genius answered in a child-like voice, “1...”

Genius hopped into Lin Yuan’s embrace, its tiny claws digging into Lin Yuan’s neck.

Genius had turned into a mask for Lin Yuan when they were in the dimensional rift.

Thus, Genius and Lin Yuan had shared the same view of everything in the dimensional rift.

Genius had watched with fright as the flesh of Lin Yuan’s hands was stripped by the dimensional fluctuations.

However, Genius had been unable to do anything other than watch.

Lin Yuan had comforted Genius in the spiritual world, but it was still anxious over Lin Yuan after being summoned.

When Lin Yuan saw how worried Genius was, he stroked Genius’ three tails and was about to massage Genius’ furry neck when he saw Genius raise its head to look at him.

Tears were welling up in Genius’s eyes, but it spoke with utter solemnity. “I want to be stronger, Yuan! I want to help you!”

Lin Yuan smiled and stroked Genius’ head.

“Genius has always been helping me. Knowledge is power. You’re amazing!”

Genius swiped its claws at the air before replying, “Genius is

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