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Chapter 530: Greetings, Chief Guard; What a Coincidence

At that moment, an idea suddenly sprang into Liu Jie’s head.

“Can it be that the Chief Guard is waiting for me here?”

However, he cast this idea aside as soon as he thought of it.

Given the current active period of this dimensional rift, the Chief Guard would have to deal with many things every day. How would she have been able to make time to wait for him?

Just as Liu Jie looked at the black-robed, black-veiled Chief Guard, she seemed to sense his gaze and turned her head to look toward him.

Despite the vast distance between them, Liu Jie still saw the Chief Guard’s pitch-black eyes the moment she turned around.

Under the gaze of that pair of pitch-black eyes, Liu Jie suddenly felt a trace of indescribable pressure.

He was like a fish leaving the water under a final endless, starless night that felt like it would be sealed off by the endless night, doomed to sink forever.

At that moment, Liu Jie stepped onto the rope bridge and walked across it to the other side.

The Chief Guard stared at him unyieldingly, which filled him with a strange feeling.

However, he also had no idea what to do. He had no choice but to move forward one step at a time.

The more he walked, the more misgivings surfaced in his heart.

There was no one on the bridge but Liu Jie, and the Chief Guard kept looking in his direction without shifting from her position.

It really looked like she was specifically there to wait for him.

Liu Jie quickened his pace and walked until he was beside the Chief Guard.

After thinking for so long, he still did not know what to say to her.

Finally, he only said respectfully, “Greetings, Chief Guard. What a coincidence.”

Upon hearing Liu Jie’s words, Night Leaning Moon turned her body to make room for him.

She signaled for him to come forward and walk shoulder to shoulder with her.

Immediately after, Liu Jie heard an unusual sound that was steady yet sweet as a singing yellow oriole.

Upon hearing this sound, he inexplicably thought of the sound that Chimey made when it was calling out.

Because of Bai Hao, Liu Jie had also heard Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess, Star Web’s beautiful host, sing a few times before.

Previously, Liu Jie had only sighed at how Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’ singing voice was so pleasant that it could actually be compared to that of an avian fey.

However, Liu Jie suddenly had an idea. What if the beautiful Star Web live streamer was the Spirit Guards’ Chief Guard?

He immediately cast this idea aside as soon as he came up with it.

Liu Jie thought in his heart about the absurdity of this notion. Could the influence of the mental poison in the dimensional rift have messed with his head?

Nevertheless, upon hearing the Chief Guard’s words, Liu Jie’s expression transformed immediately.

He looked both shocked and solemn.

“It was not a coi

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