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Chapter 537: You Eat More Than a Black Back Mountain Boar

Liu Jie was already 25 years old, at a suitable age to contract a sacred source lifeform.

On the other hand, it was anyone’s guess how much more time the Mother of Bloodbath needed before it reached Creation Breed.

Lin Yuan did not know how much the Mother of Bloodbath could improve by consuming a stick of the Blood Brew Grapevine’s Blood Brew Grapes.

Even if he ordered Red Thorn to maximize its efforts in allowing the Mouth of Relinquish to absorb flesh energy and produce Eyes of Relinquish and nurtured Blood Brew Grapevines to quickly grow Blood Brew Grapes, he had encountered a true glutton.

Compared to the unpredictable state of the Mother of Bloodbath, it was a better choice to allow Liu Jie to contract the sacred source lifeform.

As for Zhou Luo, who had gone through hell and back with him in the dimensional rift, Lin Yuan did not plan on giving him the sacred source lifeform.

Lin Yuan no longer saw Zhou Luo as merely one of his white-clothed followers from Sky City.

He was now one of Lin Yuan’s true confidants.

Lin Yuan nurtured them so he could exchange Bronze spiritual resources in return for their loyalty.

It would be completely up to the white-clothed followers if they wanted to nurture the Bronze spiritual resources.

However, Lin Yuan wanted to invest a large amount of his own resources into Zhou Luo. He intended on helping Zhou Luo’s Lava Dragon Lizard and his newly contracted Bronze/Epic Dark Snake Dragon Lizard to evolve swiftly.

Lin Yuan planned on raising the Bronze/Epic Dark Snake Dragon Lizard’s quality to Legend before Zhou Luo evolved it to Silver.

Being a member of the white-clothed followers, Zhou Luo had taken the allegiance oath and sworn his loyalty to Lin Yuan. He was a member of Sky City.

Ever since Zhou Luo had volunteered to take on a fight that could have cost him his life, Lin Yuan had validated Zhou Luo.

During this trip back from Indigo Azure City, they had experienced many trials and accumulated numerous advantages.

Even if the advantages from the Indigo Azure Sea Market were not counted, just contracting the sacred source lifeform was enough for Lin Yuan to see this experience as worthwhile.

It was almost New Year’s, after which came the S Tournament season.

The S Tournament season came before the S Tournament finals.

There would also be a duel between the Radiance Hundred Sequence. It was sure to be a highlight.

During the Radiance Hundred Sequence duel, Lin Yuan planned to focus on training his faction in the Royal Capital.

Ever since Lin Yuan had obtained his dedicated territory on Star Web, he had not executed those three rights and announced his private faction’s management to the rest of the people on Star Web who also owned factions with dedicated territories.

Lin Yuan planned on using the new season to properly manage his private faction

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