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Chapter 547: Lin Yuan Wants to Recruit

Lin Yuan remembered Recluse Study mentioning that he did not come from an influential family. His uncle, Duan He, was also a spirit qi professional.

This meant that Duan He had not joined any faction.

Although Duan He initially wanted to help Jiao Hanzhong’s fey to undergo World Cleansing, from the way that Duan He interacted with Jiao Hanzhong, it was clear that Duan He was not colluding with the Zheng family.

He had only gone to the deserted island to repay Jiao Hanzhong.

Lin Yuan’s private faction Sky City’s top fighting force only consisted of Endless Summer and the Mother of Bloodbath.

Although Lin Yuan only got to see the Diamond X/Fantasy V Sword Plume Sea Hawk instead of Duan He’s true power, Duan He’s main fey had to be the peak of Suzerain since Jiao Hanzhong had enlisted his help for his Suzerain II fey to go through the World Cleansing.

Lin Yuan thought, If I can get Recluse Study to bring his uncle over, and I manage to gain Duan He’s loyalty, Sky City’s fighting ability will be greatly boosted for sure.

As Lin Yuan schemed how he would be able to bring Duan He over to his side, he silently took stock of his own advantages.

If I manage to snag the emperor-class Duan He, what will I be able to offer him in return? I can’t just use rare source-type items to convince him to join my team. They can easily use their own connections to find Class 4 Creation Masters if they want Bronze/Epic feys. There aren’t many Class 4 Creation Masters who will reject a deal with an emperor-class expert. Emperor-class experts also make up the main fighting force for veteran factions. As long as an emperor-class expert is willing to pledge their loyalty, any veteran faction will be glad to pump in as many resources as necessary. If I want Duan He on my side, I’ll need to fork out quite a lot.

However, Lin Yuan had something that veteran factions and top factions did not have—Bronze/Legend feys.

Lin Yuan had just manifested the idea of wanting to recruit Duan He.

Although Duan He was a true blue emperor-class expert, Lin Yuan’s criteria for recruitment consisted of more than power.

When it came to potential, Lin Yuan also emphasized his subordinates having good character.

Unfortunately, Lin Yuan was not certain about what kind of person Duan He was.

Lin Yuan might have had the idea, but he still needed Wen Yu to look into Duan He’s affairs and information before he approached Duan He.

Inside the Radiant Moon Palace’s Hidden Moon Pavilion, every expert’s information was logged by the hidden servants.

From the expert’s personality to their life experiences, all information was collated in what was essentially a personalized magazine.

As events took place, the hidden servants would constantly update and record the new information.

After the death of an expert who was worthy of being recorded in the Radiant Moon Palace, their pe

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